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  1. bobby g

    Raffle tickets, how to buy

    I did recently and it felt good to be supporting this great website! Bob
  2. bobby g

    Window benches - then and now.

    Nice design and implementation Henry. The finish looks really good too. Bob
  3. bobby g

    Canoe - Finished (finally!)

    Great job Donn... it's beautiful. Bob
  4. bobby g

    Free Skilsaw...needs new cord

    I'll take it. Thanks. Bob
  5. bobby g

    Red Oak and Soft Maple for Sale

    All lumber has been stored in my indoor lumber room. Located bin Pittsboro. Quantity discounts available. Red Oak, 5/4 X 11" X 9'. Bark on one edge. $24 cash only please. Soft Maple said to be from the farm where the movie "The Color Purple" was filmed. Wide, thick boards with unusual...
  6. bobby g

    Hardwood Lumber For Sale

    No. $15 for all.
  7. bobby g

    Hardwood Lumber For Sale

    All of this has been stored in my lumber storage room for many years. Time to share some. Located in Pittsboro. Mahogany - 6/4 X 16" X 9'. One knot within 8" of one end. $140. Cash only please. See photo below. Red Oak - S2S 7/8" X 8" X 12'. Two available. $20 each. Cash only please. See...
  8. bobby g

    Lathe bench/cabinet design ideas

    Thanks for all of the inputs and ideas guys! I've got a lot to think about. Bob
  9. bobby g

    Some turning- mostly single handed.

    Ditto Roy! Beautiful work Mike.
  10. bobby g

    Free Lumber Rack Supports

    The label says General International. The hole is 1-1/64 X 1-3/64.
  11. bobby g

    Free Lumber Rack Supports

    I had these left over. Free. Located in Pittsboro.
  12. bobby g

    Lathe bench/cabinet design ideas

    I bought a Rikon 70-220VSR today from a member. Now I need to build something to put it on. I'm thinking of a heavy duty cabinet with a solid wood top and storage below. This is the beginning of my woodturning chapter and I welcome your inputs. Thanks. Bob
  13. bobby g

    Poplar Planter Stands

    Very nice work! Nice design too.
  14. bobby g

    Closet shoe shelf

    Nice solution on the edges! Thanks. Bob
  15. bobby g

    Chairs finally Done!

    Nice work Jim! I really like the style. Bob
  16. bobby g

    Closet shoe shelf

    Nice job Bob. What did you edge it with?
  17. bobby g

    Over-The -Top Sanding supply cabinet!

    Thanks to all for your thoughtful and generous responses.

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