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    Williams & Hussey Moulder

    My wife and I went on a Christmas Tour of Homes last week in Greenville and saw some fabulous homes, but one stood out above all the others. It was a truly fantastic, large, Williamsburg colonial with beautiful wide plank floors, fantastic trim, cabinets and tons of beautiful period furniture...
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    F + W Media

    F + W Media which has been having financial problems just declared Chapter 11 bancruptcy. They publish Popular Woodworking and Woodworking. It remains to be seen if some other publisher will buy these mags or if F + W will successfully reorganize. or . . . . I'm glad I didn't renew Pop WW!
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    Lock Miter Master Patented!!

    I still drop by to read the forums every now and then, but haven't posted in a bit, but thought this was newsworthy. Those who know me, may remember that in addition to woodworking, I also do a bit of tinkering. A few years ago I came up with a revolutionary box joint jig design which I was...
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    Uploading Photos

    I read Ethan's reply to Bill Clemmons in the previous post about this problem but still have no clue how to upload photos now that the "old" method is broken. Could someone post the instructions in non-computergeekeze? Thanks. See update below.
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    Lock Miter Master - backorder update

    Infinity tells me they started shipping again this week and should be all caught up with backorders early next week. They have more than enough LMMs on hand to fill all backorders and new orders for awhile. They also initiated a third production run. Also, I sent them a revised manual which...
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    The Lock Miter Master lives!!

    It was released earlier today! There are other views, a video, and a link to a manual on the Yahoo!
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    Lock Miter Master - update

    Yesterday I received a manufacturing proof copy of my new jig for setting lock miter bits. It was raw aluminum and had not received its colorful red anodizing, but it looked great anyway and worked fantastically. During the process of giving it a thorough wringing out, I came upon an...
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    Question about magnets?

    It may seem O.T. but actually it is exactly in the right place. Anyone up on magnetism, magnetic lines of force, etc. theory and all that physics stuff? I am building something that will have three small, cylindrical rare earth magnets. The magnets are 1/8" dia. X 1/16" thick and will be...
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    The ponies and the laminate arrived!

    I thought I would post this in separate thread. Thanks to MarkE, Bas, Phil S and an unnamed final rider, my red laminate arrived yesterday!!! I'm glad I went out to do some yard work today because we were gone yesterday and when we got home didn't notice the laminate which evidently arrived...
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    P.E. from Willow Spring to little Washington

    I need a P.E. to get a roll of laminate from MarkE's place in Willow Spring (E of I-40, between Fuquay-Varina and Smithfield) to little Washington, or anywhere in the local area- Greenville (NC), New Bern, etc. (free shop tour and peak at my latest product, included :D ) Thanks, Alan
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    In the the process of looking for an existing model (marking gauge) in the 3D warehouse I noticed that the SketchUp logo had changed and I also kept seeing the name "Trimble" a longtime leader in GPS and navigation systems. I did a search on them and read the corporate history. Since the...
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    Delivered the last of the baby furniture!

    Last weekend, my wife and I went to the Baltimore/DC area for a late XMAS celebration with our kids and grandkids. We delivered the last piece of nursery furniture, a book/toy case, to our son and daughter-in-law for our grandson's room. Since it has been sitting around for a few weeks I...
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    NCWWer in the news

    As I picked up the local fish wrapper (Washington Daily News) this morning what should I see . . . an article and photo of local woodworker and harpsichord builder extraordinaire Ernie Miller and his wife Sandy right on the front page!! (Link to full article) Way to go Ernie!
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    Last piece of nursery furniture done!

    I finished the last piece for my grandson's nursery- I made a chest, changing table and crib last Spring. I built the box and shelves from birch ply and the faceframes from solid maple. Everything was joined with dadoes, lock miters, and glue only. It all went together very well despite...
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    Picture Posting Problems

    Is software work being done on the site? For the last several days intermittently I have not been able to post photos except as attachments? The photos have been in my gallery and on other sources. I get to the post picture dialog box, enter the URL, deselect "retrieve . . ", but when I hit...
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    The "dreaded" Lock Miter Bit (or is that Mitre?)

    Or should I say the "soooooo easy" lock miter bit? I gotta be honest, I've owned a lock miter bit since the days when Carlo Venditto still owned Jesada Tools, but I never got around to using it! It often received a bad reputation on WW forums. First, since it is big, it can be a bit...
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    Neat Box Joint Jig (no, not the I-BOX)

    The latest issue of ShopNotes (Vol 21, Issue 124) has a neat little DIY box joint jig if you want to make box joints with different size fingers. It works on the same principle as used by the Leigh and PC DT jigs with variable spaced (sized) guide finger template. It has some limitations- It...
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    The Aussies Like it!

    G'day Mate! The following is from "Australian Woodsmith" magazine: - - - - - - - - - Boys’ Toys, Books & Gear INCRA IBOX The INCRA iBOX is a revolutionary new jig system that can cut perfect box pins on your table saw or your router table. As you can see the iBOX body is designed...
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    Grandbaby's new furniture

    Two chests and a changing topper for our new grandbaby are finally done! When grandma is feeling better will haul them north where they will join the crib we delivered a few weeks ago. They turned out fine, but if you are at all like me, you wouldn't be happy with them. I guess I have...
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    Mohawk Stain Needed

    Help! I'm looking for a retailer between Greenville and Durham that sells Mohawk dye stains. I'm headed to Durham tomorrow (Sunday) and was hoping to find a place to get it then. Specifically I need a qt of: Mohawk Ultra Penetrating Stain, Dark Red Mahogany, M520-2276 (a solvent-based dye...

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