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  1. Sharp Blade

    I have a log!

    I am in need of some help with sawing a 250lb. Bradford Pear log sitting in my driveway! I want to make a 2 inch (seat) bench top out of it! I need help because I can't seem to get a sawyer to even look at it to run it through a mill. Any ideas? It's too big for a chainsaw! More photos are in...
  2. Sharp Blade

    Shaker Bench plans

    I just found these Shaker bench photos from Benchcrafted. Anyone else ever seen these? Anyone build one? I'm thinking about it. I need an upgraded bench!
  3. Sharp Blade


    A friend of mine is giving me the remnants from his bamboo flooring adventure. I want to try to make some boxes from it. anyone have any suggestions on how to work the wood?
  4. Sharp Blade

    TS sits there collecting dust...

    Many of you remember that last year I cut the tip of my left middle finger off while doing a foolish thing on my table saw. I have avoided using the TS since. I have a great band saw, a mitre saw and a router table. I'm also getting pretty good at using my Dads old Disston. The only thing I...
  5. Sharp Blade

    Flattening edges

    I have two piece of Walnut I need to join lengthwise. I know how to do that, I just need to get these edges flat for joining. I have planed and sanded each edge but when I check them for flatness there is ALWAYS an area in the center part of the board that is still not where I need it to be. So...
  6. Sharp Blade

    A bunch of hooey?

    A friend of mine whom I have known for years has told me that her Dad used to use her mothers ultra-sonic jewelry cleaning machine to clean his chisles after use and after he would sharpen them. I can't see any reason this would do any good. Any ideas?
  7. Sharp Blade

    We have a bandsaw!!!!!!!

    With a LITTLE box damage. :-( ::sulk:: Anyone who wants to come by and check out this monster PM me. I have the laptop in the shop. We'll be here all night if that's what it takes. J/K I hope! :-)
  8. Sharp Blade

    My early glost bit me in the azzzzzprin bottle

    Yeah, so the story is that either they got my message wrong or they just didn't load my band saw on the truck this morning. They can guarantee that it will be on the tuck for delivery tomorrow. Between 9AM and 3PM. Nice long woindow there guys! Glad I have nothing to do except re-arrange the...
  9. Sharp Blade

    I just gotta GLOAT early!

    LOL, Grizzly sent the riser kit to my new bandsaw via UPS Ground and it arrived today! Yay! I also picked up a Woodslicer (1/2" x 105") on Friday in Atlanta. The bandsaw itself will be here tomorrow sometime! YES!!!!!
  10. Sharp Blade

    Just bought it!!!

    Okay, I just got off the phone with Grizzly! It was surreal to be able to order my new...BANDSAW! Yes, I bit the big one and ordered the 14" Ultimate Bandsaw G0555 and the riser kit. It should be here by next Friday! I did have to pay another $32 for the liftgate option as I don't think I can...
  11. Sharp Blade

    Even a SawStop would not work...

    Normally guys I would post something funny about just how dumb I was today. Well, I had a tablesaw accident this afternoon. It wasn't funny but I was sure dumb! The first of all the dumb things I do is run my saw without the blade guard. Or a riving knife. Never again. I was trying to move a 4...
  12. Sharp Blade

    Gloat Alert!

    Christmas came a bit early for me here. I really needed a drill press. Not a big one, at least not a big one right now. :-) Anyway, we went to the Borg and got a nice 12" Ryobi with Laser Crosshairs and speed control. It's really awesome and just what I need. One of these days I will be able...
  13. Sharp Blade

    What happening at Steel City?

    I was just at Woodcraft in Matthews and they told me that they are no longer carrying Steel City tools. The reason he thought was that Steel City could not produce product. He said there isn't a problem with the tools at all, that it was probably upper management. Too bad, I wanted one of the...
  14. Sharp Blade

    Cat Box is done!

    Much to the kitties relief! LOL Here it is: Also inside:
  15. Sharp Blade

    The new Ryobi BCM1000

    That's the B(read) C(utting) M(achine)!
  16. Sharp Blade

    When they said this saw does everything...

    I didn't believe them until this morning. My sister is preparing our Thanksgiving dinner. She needed to cut some rock hard frnch bread...sooooo...out came the Japanese everything saw. LOL It's a cheapo Bear Saw, but this thing really cuts like a dream. Then she tells me we had to cut the bread...
  17. Sharp Blade

    WIP: You do NOT want to know what this will be.

    Here's a photo of my latest project. No, it's not going to be a Blanket Chest. This item needed to look like a nice piece of furniture. Just suffice it to say it will hold something! I am waiting for the "36 hinge to come from Rockler so I can send it back for a 48" hinge that's coming! Geez...
  18. Sharp Blade

    My new Vac sucks!

    Hee, sucks things up real nice! I got it Friday evening after my little 6 gallon Shop-Vac died. It's a Rigid 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac/ WD1851. I love this thing. No, I haven't replaced my table saw yet. (Probably won't for a long time!)
  19. Sharp Blade

    Measure Once, Cut Right Through...

    EVERYTHING! I am such a dolt. I had put the piece on top of my tablesaw in order to mark it and make the cut. I don't have my ususal limited space anymore, I now have much LESS!! Anyway, to cut a long story short...I forgot to move the board to a safer location, such as...
  20. Sharp Blade

    Resource for Ash.

    I'm building a bench to set at the foot of our bed. I'm thinking Ash would be good and much cheaper that some of the other hardwoods out there. Maple is my other choice, but I haven't worked with it much. Does anyone have a resource for Ash in the Charlotte area? I'm not even sure how many bf I...

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