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  1. Tom Dunn

    Chisels for inletting a lock plate

    I am trying my hand at building a Longrifle, a flintlock. This is the lock plate that needs to be inlet into the side panel of the stock, which is ash. My tools and my experience are limited to say the least. In as much as I will likely need to purchase suitable chisels, I'm looking for advice...
  2. Tom Dunn

    Reply format

    I do appreciate the input, thanks!
  3. Tom Dunn

    Reply format

    This morning I made a post in the "Wood" forum, my first post in quite awhile. The replys are in a 4-character wide vertical strip with an empty area to the left. Like this right here for exam ple. I have no idea why this is happening. I can read the replys, but not easily. Pictures are in a...
  4. Tom Dunn

    Wood unique to the South suggestions?

    Got a surprise package in the mail yesterday, courtesy of a friend in Arizona. Inside was three pieces of Desert Ironwood. Amazing stuff! Heavy as heck(won't float), hard as a rock, and color and figure that, to me, is nothing short of impressive. Flip side: I've been reading up...
  5. Tom Dunn

    New in Fuquay Varina

    Welcome indeed! Duncan was my home town until I moved here a year ago.
  6. Tom Dunn

    Buy another stone or try "Scary Sharp"?

    Well, I do appreciate all the advice! I bought a 6" DMT Coarse continuous stone that arrived the other day, and I ordered the same in Extra Coarse today. Not exactly the "delux cheesburger" of stones maybe but I'm eager to try them out. Have not even opened the coarse stone yet, this week has...
  7. Tom Dunn

    Small used tool score....

    Thats a lot of good information, thanks! I'm not even sure if Montgomery Wards is still in business, but if they are, I highly doubt they are still selling Drawknifes! ;)
  8. Tom Dunn

    How would these chisels best be used?

    That sounds about right, these are sold by a large muzzleloading supply company.
  9. Tom Dunn

    Small used tool score....

    Got 4 Buck Brothers chisels and an 8" drawknife in the mail today, all used, via ebay. The chisels need a little love and attention to the edge,which I expected, the drawknife needs a fair bit of cleaning up besides the edge needing attention, but it seems sound overall. Truth be told, I know...
  10. Tom Dunn

    How would these chisels best be used?

    These are some simple chisels, sold mostly for use inletting parts during the building of a muzzleloader. The picture is a 1/4 inch straight, there are others, obviously. Low end pricing to say the least,about $12, but the supply company that sells them has a stellar reputation, and the chisels...
  11. Tom Dunn

    Buy another stone or try "Scary Sharp"?

    Am I correct in assuming that the continuous diamonds are preferable to the ones with the "dotted" surface? The red stone I have now has the "dots".
  12. Tom Dunn

    Buy another stone or try "Scary Sharp"?

    I have one DMT 6 inch bench stone, Fine grit(red).<br><br>I was trying to sharpen my CRKT Ignitor the other evening and the fine stone just didn't seem to be getting me anywhere.<br><br>I'm wondering if I should buy a medium DMT benchstone, or if I would be better advised to invest in the...
  13. Tom Dunn

    Clever storage

    I have no idea where this is, nor do I have any idea who made it, but it impressed me enough that I thought I'd share it here.
  14. Tom Dunn

    Hand tool to cut this relieve slot?

    This is an old Norlund hand ax I am fitting a new handle to. Small one, just 14 oz. Now, I have already tried to relieve the slot by clamping it in a vise and using a hacksaw(sorry, it's all I had!) and that ended up requiring me to cut about 3/4 off the top of the handle, I cut it off right...
  15. Tom Dunn

    Posting links

    Posted in Hand Tools....Enjoy.....Thanks!
  16. Tom Dunn

    Japanese knife and tool show....

    This is just a a sample of this guys whole photo album, and even it blew me away! Now I want Nata, I didn't even know they existed. The $2000 sharpening stone I'll have to think on...:rolleyes...
  17. Tom Dunn

    Posting links

    I"m not in the habit of posting links to other sites on another site without checking the forum rules. However, I can't seem to find them? At any rate, I have a link to great photos from a tool and knife show in Japan, and wanted to check if it is OK to pass along? THANKS!
  18. Tom Dunn

    New card scraper

    Scraper worked great! Especially in the tight spots like the little area of wood between the pistol grip cap and the checkering.
  19. Tom Dunn

    New card scraper

    I ordered my first card scraper, a Bahco, the other day, it arrived today. I watched one youtube video on preparing the card for use by establishing a "hook", and it showed the various tools. I'm assuming that this scraper, as it arrived, must be prepped before use, yes/no? This is all new to...
  20. Tom Dunn

    Sander sat too long I guess......

    Now that you mention it, the last time this was used may well have been when sanding the pine bottom of a hope chest I had made....

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