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  1. Joy Ornament

    Joy Ornament

  2. Submarine Service Pllaque

    Submarine Service Pllaque

  3. Jay

    firewood to boards

    Thanks for the information guys very helpful.
  4. Jay

    firewood to boards

    A friend of mine came across some cedar that someone had cut up into pieces about the size of firewood. It is green wood and he asked me if I wanted any of it since he knew I do some woodworking. I have a newly acquired 14 inch bandsaw with a six inch riser so I thought about cutting it up...
  5. Jay

    Commission for a friend...

    Great work a gift to be treasured.
  6. Jay

    Need your Prayers!

    Terry you and your loved ones will definitely be in our prayers. Take care and let us know if you need anything.
  7. Jay

    Some pics of my intarsia

  8. Jay


    Great job is that a design of your own?
  9. Jay

    Christmas Present

    I have done some stack cutting. Mostly Christmas ornaments, but I did not stack cut the plate. I don't have a lot to invest in the wood so I make it last and give myself as many opportunities to cut as possible. The pattern came from a book Wildlife collector plates. I did another plate from...
  10. Jay

    Cedar Stag

    Robert, That is certainly an appropriate piece of cedar you picked to be the center of attention and I certainly see your point. I was very taken however with the outstanding scrollwork and the design itself. It is outstanding work any way you look at it.
  11. Jay

    Finally got some photos!

    Rod, Incredible work! it is a joy to admire. Can I ask you where you get the moving parts for your music boxes?
  12. Jay

    Christmas Present

    Yeah the worst one was one of the last cuts where the line runs through the water in the center of the project. The line really was not intended to be that thin. But we got through it anyway and if we hadn't just would have had to do some redesigning. lol Thanks for looking.
  13. Jay

    Cedar Stag

    That is great work! I love the stag. Did it come from a picture or something that you free handed? I also love the idea of cutting it from a single piece of wood. I am a novice so take my opinion for what it is worth. (not much) The only critique that I would give is to consider cutting it...
  14. Jay

    Wristwatch mini clock

    Excellent work where did you find the plans?
  15. Jay

    My first stack cut

    Very nice work! What is it cut from?
  16. Jay


    Excellent work Earl!
  17. Jay

    Christmas Present

    Thanks for all the information it has been very helpful. I will put it to use in future projects.
  18. Jay

    Christmas present Scroll saw style

    awesome stuff I would love to be able to do that one day.
  19. Jay

    Christmas Present

    Sorry, it took so long to reply but was out of town for the holidays at the in laws. The piece was cut from baltic birch and stained with two different colored stains, a golden pecan I think and the other is like a red oak stain or something like that. Which brings me to a question. Has...
  20. Jay

    Just for fun

    Late to the party but just had to say that is great work and original too. Impressive.

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