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    Need delivery from NE Raleigh to the picnic on Saturday Sept 18

    Happy to do it Phil. Just drop by.....
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    What did you do in the shop this weekend?

    Spent the whole weekend trying to convince this barnwood to lay reasonably flat.... we're still fighting..
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    Picnic and Sides

    I will bring a tossed salad.....
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    Wood Recommendation Request

    What Berta said. I always use poplar for painted I just cannot bring myself to put paint on maple.....
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    Recent Turning

    The hits just keep coming! Beautiful design and as always perfect execution.....
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    Canoe - Finished (finally!)

    Donn, that is beautiful! Fantastic work..... !
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    Barnwood - first time and probably my last -update base assembled

    Got the base made, didn't realize how tricky it was going to be with all the angles and m&t's.... only had a couple small gaps and from 5 feet away it looks good..... since it will be painted I used poplar ..... now back to my problems with the top..
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    Wish me luck -- deck project

    Blocking might work as well... not sure if there would be much $$ difference...
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    Latest Turnings

    Amazing as always Charlie!
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    Hand Planes

    I watched a whole lot of Paul Sellers before I bought my first #4... I grabbed a couple from eBay and cleaned them up, but one had a crack hidden under the rust, so while it is useable, it's not what I thought I was getting.... buyer beware... my next one will be from Ed's or you can often find...
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    Best wood for painted face frame

    I have never been able to talk myself into painting maple..... but I do use poplar for everything I paint, and have not had any problems (my standards are probably not to a pro level so that's the disclaimer!) I checked the pricing and soft maple is certainly going to cost more, particularly if...
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    Rolling Workbench - yes or no?

    I got mine from one of those two, can't remember which...
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    Rolling Workbench - yes or no?

    I have a small shop and everything is on wheels. I put these on my workbench and am very happy with them.
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    Stripped Canoe

    Donn, that is really gorgeous!
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    Leaf blower not working right

    Have the same blower, had the same problem. Rebuilt the carb and problem solved. Although as I recall I spent more on the rebuild kit than the cost of a new cheapo carb...
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    Cherry top

    Somebody needs to invent a "dad joke" filter!
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    Barnwood - first time and probably my last -update base assembled

    Yes I agree and will take up Bob on his offer... as for gluing additional wood to this he doesn't have a lot of this and I have pulled the best of it for this project...
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    Barnwood - first time and probably my last -update base assembled

    Would but there's only enough wood for the one layer... it's going to look skinny to my eye and I have discussed it with him..... but the heart wants what the heart wants.......
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    Barnwood - first time and probably my last -update base assembled

    My neighbor had an old barn on a family property. It has a lot of sentimental value to him, and he asked me to make a table out of it...... couldn't say no...... but is accustomed to working with flat, square stock...and this ain't..... So there is a lot of bug eaten stock here and after getting...

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