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  1. pviser

    Hand Saw Advice

    Count me in with the japanese saws.
  2. pviser

    Cherry Dresser

    I love the cock beads!
  3. pviser

    Gloves in the Workshop? What works for you?

    I always learn from reading about how other folks do things. Anyway, in this case, I use soft leather gloves when handling rough lumber. I don't use gloves when handling solvents and stains, but I realize that I should.
  4. pviser

    Just to show folks that I still make sawdust

    I really like your work. Good job.
  5. pviser

    Curly/Flame/Tiger Maple

    I buy my curly maple from and I have been very pleased with the rich figure. Regarding the milling of this wood, abrasive planing with a drum sander is a way to ensure that you get zero tearout.
  6. pviser

    Need an Idea for a 1/8" Hardboard Substitute

    I'd go with the 1/8" plywood already mentioned. This is readily and inexpensively available from Tower Hobbies. I keep a small inventory of these thin, high quality plywoods for a variety of uses.
  7. pviser

    Cherry Chest of Drawers Finished

    Good work! I, too, especially like the drawer fronts (curly cherry?). You obviously got this color/grain match by getting your wood from the same place in the log.
  8. pviser

    The bane of the WW hobbyist

    I definitely agree with Charlie and others that the final dimensions should be approached slowly in two or more steps, each separated by days or even weeks. Let the wood move and simply remill at each step.
  9. pviser

    Popular Woodworking Excellence Awards

    This does not at all look simplistic. The Maloof joinery was instantly recognizable and I can believe you when you say that this was a challenging piece. Very pleasing to the eye.
  10. pviser

    RDU CL - 12 Bessey clamps $200

    I agree. Good deal.
  11. pviser

    Show us your Bench!

    This is a great thread. I love Dan's curly maple. Also, Jeff is funny with his self-deprecating comments about crashing the beauty pageant and his bench not being an altar. There's something to learn in almost every pic.
  12. pviser

    Pony Tools is suspending operations effective immediately

    This is very disappointing. Pony and Jorgensen are names with a sterling reputation.
  13. pviser

    Why is it?

    That's funny. Long ago, I came to terms with the fact that some folks don't have a clue about our woodworking. As is true of many things, I have to walk to my own beat and enjoy for myself the woodworking journey.
  14. pviser

    Tired of big box store junk Lumber

    I'm with Drew. I use poplar for my utility grade pieces: rough cut KD 8/4 stock from my hardwood supplier. Then I mill it to my desired dimensions. Of course, poplar also has a long history of use as an interior wood in fine woodworking.
  15. pviser

    This is a Good Buy - If Woodmaster Drum Sanders are Good Quality?? Your time is worth something, so factor in the cost of giving up a day to pick up the machine, not to mention gas and wear and tear for a truck. If you...
  16. pviser

    Wide face gluing

    Many good ideas here, many of which I've tried in one form or another. For a bench top, I agree with Dr. Bob above that getting the individual boards to thickness would be my first step. Then, these could be jointed and remilled to be perfectly straight and flat. Final step would be and...
  17. pviser

    How do you incorporate your drum sander?

    My drum sander plays a role in almost every project and it has been a game changer for me. I use it for face jointing long and wide boards which I couldn't begin to do with my 6-inch jointer. Of course, I have to jig up my work piece by gluing rails to the edges, and this whole process is very...
  18. pviser

    Craftsman Challenge

    Stunning work! Please give a few more details. Do you have any WIP pics? Dates of beginning and completion?
  19. pviser

    latest project -- bent lamination

    Jeff and Bill, you are kind to suggest a Fine Woodworking submission. Their bar is high, but they do seem to like unusual designs. I might give that a try. Thank you.
  20. pviser

    latest project -- bent lamination

    Thanks for asking, Raymond. I picked up that little edge trick from the cover article in Fine Woodworking, "A Trestle Table with Modern Appeal" by Daniel Chaffin. The effect is achieved by starting with a rectangular table top, then ripping an underbevel with the table saw. The final step is...

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