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    Letter templates and plunge router

    I bought Rockler Interlock Signmaker's Templates - State Park Font Kit and it seems like I need a plunge router which I do not have. Any suggestions for routing letters into wood? suggestions as to which plunge router to buy or other suggestions. Thanks
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    Fixing formica counter

    I have a rental house with a formica counter in the kitchen. The counter has a chip out of it the size of an old Eisenhower dollar which exposes the wood underneath. Any way to repair the top without replacing the counter top?
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    Dove Tail jig

    I got an email this morning and this dove tail jig is on sale. I was wondering what your opinion is on it. I am half way looking for a dove tail jig. Hoping it is easy to use and appropriate for a novice. If you don't like this one, which one do you like...
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    SOLD - 5 Woodworkers Guild of America Router DVDs for sale $40 now only $30!

    $40 Now only $30 includes SBFR USPS shipping For Sale - 5 Woodworkers Guild of America DVDs 1. 8 Jigs for Hand Held Routers 2. Hand Held Router Techniques 3. Advanced Hand Held Router Techniques 4. Router Table Essentials 5. Router Table Joinery More Details on the contents can be found...
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    Grizzly table saw in high point nc $600

    Not mine. Looks like it has out feed tables.
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    New from Asheboro

    just getting started and looking forward to seeing everything you guys make and learning lots of things
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    When can I list in the for sale forum?

    The site does not allow a new member to list in the for sale forum. When will I be able to do that?
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    Drawer dividers

    This is my second post and if you didn't see the first one just assume you are talking to a 10 year old. One of my future projects will be creating some drawer dividers. I have some crappy plastic bins in a bathroom drawer and they are almost useless. I am thinking about creating some drawer...
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    New to woodworking, need some guidance (after a rambling background story) of end table wood choices

    So not too long ago I got a table saw and router with the idea of making a few things. I've been watching YouTube videos, and joined WWGOA, and surfed Rockler & Woodworkers Supply websites. Bought a few gadgets like a pocket hole jig, random sander, and some clamps. My current project is a...

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