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    Att: Carvers and Scrollers Basswood supplier wanted

    Have you tried Anchor Hardwoods? There is 4/4 and 8/4 lumber in stock. Another source for thinner stock would be Manufacturing is local and you can get custom dimensions and pick up vs having to pay shipping if you so choose!
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    Cypress Lumber

    Anchor Hardwoods located in Wilmington and Raleigh, NC keeps both fresh cut and sinker/reclaimed cypress in stock.
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    My latest project

    Love it! :thumbs_up
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    N. Raleigh in the Shop

    What an intriguing design! You're passion shines through your work!! Can't wait to see more! If you ever need a good, local source for lumber, check out Anchor Hardwoods-- also located in North Raleigh.
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    Looking for rough sauna lumber juniper-cedar - cypress near Raleigh

    Dave, Come by Anchor Hardwoods located on 6716 Old Wake Forest Rd in Raleigh. We have a wide variety of rough cut lumber in all species mentioned. ~Heather
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    Wood Wanted

    If you do take the retail route, check out Anchor Hardwoods in North Raleigh.
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    Reclaimed lumber

    Scott is right! Anchor carries a variety of reclaimed antique heart pine (above ground from cotton mills in SC and riverwood from NC) as well as sinker cypress and reclaimed oak. Check out the website: You can purchase direct at your local Anchor Hardwoods store in...
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    Wine glass rack pattern

    These are beautiful! Dwight, please post a pic of your completed project.
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    New to the area...

    At least our company is! Anchor Hardwoods & Cape Fear Riverwood is located at 6716 Old Wake Forest Road, Raleigh NC 27616. (We also have a store in Wilmington, NC) We are finally settled into our new "home" and traffic is not up to par just yet. We need your help!!! Anyone who has done...
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    In need of CHERRY lumber

    Timmy, If you're ever in the Raleigh area (or Wilmington), you should check out Anchor Hardwoods & Cape Fear Riverwood. Two companies under one roof specializing in domestic/exotic lumber, as well as reclaimed wood from both above ground sources and the Cape Fear River!

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