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    latest project -- bent lamination

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    workbench now complete

    Just completed my workbench which, I'm embarrassed to admit, I started in February. Anyway, I wanted this to be my first and last dedicated woodworking bench. Borrowing heavily upon published ideas in Fine Woodworking, the extremely heavy project is comprised entirely of hard maple. During...
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    jatoba dining table, just completed

    Just finished a dining table for my daughter. Jatoba is the primary wood, with ebony and curly maple accents. Challenges included splayed legs, which fried my brain throughout the project keeping straight the 94, 96, and 90-degree angles. Another challenge was tremendous mass with top...
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    maple cross for my daughter's wedding

    In response to Hank's call for postings of recent projects, I present here a project completed last month. My daughter's outdoor wedding in September needed a cross, so I made a maple replica of our church's brass cross. I used quartersawn hard maple so that my design could have slim lines...
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    Four curly maple tables with cherry sock feet and inlays

    Last month, I finally finished four tables that I started two years ago. I am embarassed to admit how long it took, but the project involved several techniques which were new to me. These include: hand-cut dovetails, resawing and bookmatching table tops, making the drawer fronts from the same...
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    woodworking business

    Today's News and Observer features an interesting story about a woodworker with a profitable small business which he started just last year. Making money from woodworking is an oft-discussed subject, and this article on pages 4B and 5B gives some useful insight.
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    Another goofy Woodpecker product!

    Just when I thought that I had all of the measuring and marking devices that I could possibly use, Woodpeckers has unveiled their latest product, the soon-to-be-famous Fibonacci Gauge. I will rush to my computer tomorrow to plop down $140 for the full set. Then I will spend the rest of the...
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    epoxy for mortise and tenon joints

    I just viewed a video from about using a chisel to square up mortises. On the audio track, the guy said that he swears by using PC-7 epoxy for the adhesive in his MT joints, citing its gap-filling properties and its longer working time to check for perfect alignment. I plan soon...
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    Fine Woodworking tickets now available!

    Fine Woodworking has just posted the registration page for their three-day August event in upstate New York. This should be a great opportunity to learn some new things and to meet some woodworking personalities. Check it out and join me this summer!
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    Rough Cut! Hooray!!

    Tommy Mac and his show, Rough Cut, were back on UNC-TV at 3 PM today. Which one of my NCWW colleagues do I thank for this? Back when UNC stopped airing his shows, my repeated complaining through e-mails and letters was apparently ignored. I gave up my efforts months ago. Anyway, thanks to...
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    My NCWW friends and DQ designation

    I am a 53 year-old physician with a busy office/hospital practice in Clinton. I am putting two kids through college and life is hectic at times. Woodworking is a refuge for me. Since childhood, I have enjoyed radio-controlled model airplanes and woodworking. I still do both. Currently, I am...
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    Woodworker hits the bigtime on Letterman In case you missed this, check out the great interview that one of our woodworking brothers did on Letterman. I found this on today's Fine Woodworking home page.
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    How about the Sand-Flee?

    I am looking for a technique to do face jointing (I am limited by a 6" jointer) of wide pieces (~12") of highly-figured wood such as tiger maple. Any planer design is out of the question because of unavoidable uphill tearout on the multi-directional grain. A hand-held belt sander is out...
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    drum sander advice needed

    Hi Guys, I'm getting tired of leaving swirl marks from my 21 X 3 belt sander. Therefore, I'm now in the market for a drum sander. The Jet oscillating 22" drum sander seems like a good choice. While I'd love to have a monster 5 HP Powermatic wide belt sander, I have to be practical. All...
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    Is any drill worth $575?

    I just got my new McFeely's catalog and I love browsing the fasteners and often placing an order. I am always amazed, though, by the expensive Festool stuff. I mean, are any of you guys spending $575 on a drill?!?! I use corded drills from Harbor Freight which I bought for under $20 each...
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    after market helical cutterhead for planer

    I have a Jet 15" planer with three HSS knives. It is in good working order. Even so, I'm itching to move up to a helical cutterhead. Should I do this as an aftermarket upgrade of just the cutterhead (cost: ~$700) or would I be wise to get a new Powermatic planer with helical cutterhead (cost...
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    tips and tricks

    I do not understand why I was denied access to "Tips and Tricks" forum within "Tools, Equipment, and Techniques." Please explain, as I am still trying to learn my way around NC Woodworkers web site. Thank you.
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    phenolic plywood

    I would give my right arm for the chance to buy two or three 8' X 4' sheets of baltic birch phenolic-coated plywood. If I order it from northern state suppliers(e.g. New York), the motor freight would be extremely expensive. Anything closer to home?

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