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  1. Jay

    firewood to boards

    A friend of mine came across some cedar that someone had cut up into pieces about the size of firewood. It is green wood and he asked me if I wanted any of it since he knew I do some woodworking. I have a newly acquired 14 inch bandsaw with a six inch riser so I thought about cutting it up...
  2. Jay

    Christmas Present

    My brother is a duck hunter and so I made this wildlife plate for him as a Christmas present. Took longer than I thought but still got it done in time. Phew!! Anyway here it is. Thanks for looking and any constructive criticism you may have. It is the only way I learn.
  3. Jay

    Christmas Presents

    I have had a hard time finding time to log on but I did get some shop time before Christmas to make a few gifts. A gift for my brother who should be retiring from the submarine service in a couple years. I mounted it in a shadow box for him. Thanks for looking constructive criticism...
  4. Jay

    looking for cedar

    My sister in law is wanting me to build her an arched trellis and the plans she selected call for cedar. I am in the Goldsboro area and was wondering if anyone could give me some guidance on a good place to purchase some cedar. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Jay

    material for dog bed

    I have seen dog beds before that they say will keep you dog cool in the summer by keeping him off the ground and I guess the theory is that the air circulation above and below does that with a thin material for the bed that does not hold body heat. I am contemplating building one and am looking...
  6. Jay

    Jonah and the Whale

    I got a chance to get back in the workshop and this is what I have been working on. It took a while because I am a beginner and it was small enough that I would cut to wide and saw through something I wasn't supposed to or break off the tail while finishing or something. Anyway I finally got a...
  7. Jay

    Wildlife Collector plate

    I have the picture to prove it. I bought a book of wildlife collector plate patterns and finished the first one for a friend who likes to bird hunt. Thanks for looking and all critique is welcome. It's the only way to learn to do better. Thanks.
  8. Jay

    basket and butterfly

    I haven't been on the site for a little while but I have put some time in the shop. Guess I did get at least one priority right. lol I tried cutting a couple of different things. Photo's below: Thanks for looking!
  9. Jay

    Attach this top

    Just thought I would get your ideas on the preferred method for attaching this top. A friend of mine wanted this dresser refinished. When I got it the top was barely holding on. The wood is poplar if the pictures are not good enough for you to tell. The top was attached to the frame using...
  10. Jay

    First scrollsaw attempt

    This is my first attempt with my first scrollsaw. The saw is wonderful the project not too bad considering it was my first attempt. Thanks for looking.
  11. Jay

    loose hand plane knob

    I am tuning a plane and have everything done but the knob. It is a wooden front knob on a block plane. The wooden knob is threaded and just large enough to fit on the metal post that is part of the body of the plane. You screw the knob onto the post and over time the knob has shrunk away from...
  12. Jay

    Air Cleaner

    I am using a shop vac and attaching it to the different power tools in my shop. I am looking for a option to clean the dust from the air. I am contemplating the Delta AP 200. I see where amazon has it on sale for 169 with free shipping. Does anyone have any comments they can make concerning...
  13. Jay

    Night Stand in the works

    I am getting ready to start finishing a night stand I have been working on for a while now. It is made out of red oak plywood and red oak solid wood. My wife has picked out some stain to try to match it to the furniture we already have. It is a minwax brand water based stain. My question is...
  14. Jay

    wood filler

    At the risk of revealing how many mistakes I make I was wondering if anyone can recommend a stainable wood filler?
  15. Jay

    probably a stupid question

    Guys I am just starting to use a plug cutter to fill some screw holes in a project I am working on and am wondering if there is a trick to cutting a plug to match the grain I am trying to fill? So far I am having limited success with the matches and just figured yall must know something I...
  16. Jay


    My wife wants me to put up some shelves in my sons room and I would like some ideas on design. I have not looked extensively but have not found anything that I really like yet. By the way he is nine so it is for toys now and books later (that type of thing) I appreciate any creative ideas you...

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