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    headlamps for WWing

    Thanks form the help.
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    headlamps for WWing

    Thanks. Do you have make, model? How many lumen s ? Thanx.
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    headlamps for WWing

    Anybody use a headlamp while woodworking? If so, what kind etc. thans.
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    Any one use one for their woodworking? How bright? What brand/model?
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    6 in dust collection hose clamps

    Am reworking my 6in dust collection system and am in need of 6in round spring load quick release squeeze hose clamps. Can find 4 in but no 6 in. Anyone have a source? Thanx.
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    Table leg tapers.

    When making tapered table legs, 2 sided, which of the faces do you taper? I have always done the front face and the inside face of the leg. Recently, someone told me I was all wrong. Which faces do you all do> Thanx. ? Thanx.
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    Table apron size

    Is there any rule of thumb that addresses how wide a table apron should Be> I have a hallway table that is 12x46t wide and will stand 29-30 inch high. Not for sitting. I know it is subjective, but what is a good width for a table this size/ thanx.
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    Button Shellac

    Do I do anything different using button shellac versus flakes when dissolving it into solution? Thnx
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    MJ splitter

    I am not talking about the thickness. The splitters hexert different amounts of pressure against the keeper board and thar is the question I have. How much pressure is needed?
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    MJ splitter

    I have this splitter which has four thickness options to prevent kickback. How do I determine which thickness I should use? No instructions came with it.I have the unifence which is o0ffset 3/1000ths. Suggestions? Thnx.
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    Ruby Shellac

    Can ruby shellac be purchased a; already mixed or must one buy the flakes and make up his own? What source do u recommend? Thnx.
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    Cutting a 6x6 into 4 pieces

    I have a four ft. long piece of rough sawn cherry that is 6x6. Need advise as to best way to cut it into four equal pieces to make table legs. Tjhanx.
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    Fiinish for Cherry table

    Am finishing a table made of Cherry and am requesting some finishing suggestions. Top is 11 inches by 46 inches. I have used just shellac in the past but am looking for other options. What works for you on Cherry? Thanx.I know it is very subjective,
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    Bowtie jig selection

    Need to stabilize some checking in a table top slab and wondering about bow tie/Dutchman jigs. Is there a preferred jig out there for this task? Thanx.
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    M/T joints with router

    I want to start using the router to make my M/T joints. Are there any good tutorials/articles etc. to help me learn this technique? Thnx.
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    Tape Measures

    My eyes are dim I cannot see. Anyone have a source for tape measures with enlarged numbers> i can read the whole numbers, but the fractions are a problem. Thnx.
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    Sealant for Mexican Tile

    I have just pressured washed my Mexican tile outdoor patio floor and would like to apply a protective sealant. I know it will have to be re done in several years but amasking what is best product to accomplish this?
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    PVC gluye

    Is there an yway to make the pvc glue last longer before it gums up to the point that it is not usable? Thnx.
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    Sealing end grain

    Whn I use to seal the end grain of freshly milled lumber? Is there anything beside Anchorseal? Thnx.
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    Check your AC's condensate drain

    Also can attach ur shop vac to outside end of drain line and suck it out. I do the Clorox, tabs, and vacuum. You probably can guess why I do that.

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