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  1. Gary_C

    Damaged blade on Bandsaw?

    I have a Rikon 14" Band Saw. One of the green ones right before they switched to blue. I haven't used it since last fall when I had a bit of a mis-hap. I was sawing some tree branches into smaller segments that would fit into my little fire pit. Heard a bang...maybe hit a knot...the wood kicked...
  2. Gary_C

    Beginner Q - How to make a Trivitt?

    Hi Guys...After a long layoff from my woodworking I'm getting back at it again. This is probably a simple project for most of y'all but looking for suggestions how to attack this one. I have four custom made tiles...they were my father's from the 1960's. They have been in a drawer for decades...
  3. Gary_C

    I need to turn a spoon...

    My son is a chef and asked me to make him a spoon. Never did one before. I'm going to surf the web to look for tutorials but I thought I would ask here too. Does anybody have advice on spooning? :)
  4. Gary_C

    Techshop Refugee

    I joined the Techshop in Raleigh about 18 months ago and started my journey into woodworking. Found the lathe and got hooked...been making pens for a while and then got into turning bowls...just having fun and developing skills when in mid-April I got an e-mail from the Techshop that said they...
  5. Gary_C

    Exploding Koa pen blanks...

    I just ruined my second koa pen blank in a row. i got the first one down to finishing cuts when a couple big chunks broke out of the end. Enough to ruin the blank. Started on a second one tonight and it broke into pieces as I was roughing the blank. This is my first experience turning koa. Is...
  6. Gary_C

    Trouble with CA Finish on Pens

    So far I've made about a dozen pens. Tried a CA finish on the last five. First I used a Q-Tip and applied the CA while rotating the pens on the lathe by hand. The I read about the method of using a paper towel applicator and letting the lathe run while applying the glue. So I've tried that three...
  7. Gary_C

    Spindle Gouge vs Fingernail Gouge

    What's the difference between a fingernail gouge and a regular spindle gouge? I know the actual physical difference...but when would you use one vs the other?
  8. Gary_C

    How do you cut acrylic pen blanks?

    Don't know why I bought an acrylic blank at WC....I'm still struggling with getting a square cut on my wooden blanks. Decided to try a mitre saw on the acrylic blank and learned real quickly that that's the wrong approach! :5eek:
  9. Gary_C

    I'm starting to get the hang of this...

    Not works of art but they are usable. My biggest trouble is getting them assembled so they work right. Practice makes perfect, right? I have about ten more of these kits to practice with...
  10. Gary_C

    Craigslist Impulse Buy

    Here's what I found yesterday on the list. Seller said he would deliver so now its sitting next to me. Delta SS200. I imagine that rust on the table will clean up. I think its a 16" saw. I imagine I can learn on this saw. Did I do okay for $50 or did I waste my money?
  11. Gary_C

    Bought a Lathe

    Hi guy here.... Christmas was good to wife picked up on my new interest in learning some woodworking....and a fascination for turned wood. So she bought me some tools...and suggested that my kids buy some tools...and told her brother to buy me a gift certificate to...
  12. Gary_C

    Flush cut jig for router

    I'm wondering if any of you guys have made a jig for steadying a router when using a flush cut bit. I'm a complete newbie at woodworking and saw an episode of Woodsmith that showed this jig and think it would work for my current problem. My first read wood project is a set of nesting end...
  13. Gary_C

    Hello from Raleigh

    Hello everybody...just found this group and glad I found it. I'm a complete newbie at woodworking. Since I'm so green you can bet I'll be lurking, reading and asking lots of questions! I joined the TechShop in Raleigh that gives me access to a complete woodshop (and lots of other resources as...

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