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    Dust bin sensors

    You can go very basic too- a simple replacement lamp post day-night sensor (from Lowes) and an incandescent or LED night light for an illumination source. Mount the sensor and light on opposite sides of the dust drum or flex hose between cyclone and drum. In absense of light (dust blocking...
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    Timber Wolf BS blade

    There was a long multi-month thread on SMC about tensioning bandsaw blades a "few" years ago (2004?) in which some of the BS guru's like Mark Duginske, Louis Iturra, etc. participated. It dealt with how to do it, what to use, repeatability, and the need for precision, etc., etc. At the time...
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    Long Sweep 90 Elbows for 2729 Pipe Dust Collection

    I can't disagree with anything you've said. I just wanted to make sure folks knew about the machine issue. It is too often ignored, overlooked or intentionally avoided because few want to modify their machines by enlarging the dust port or adding shrouds. One of the worst dust offenders...
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    Long Sweep 90 Elbows for 2729 Pipe Dust Collection

    Mostly correct- but first comes the WW machines- each has its own minimum CFM requirement. That data is available from various sources like Bill Pentz's website, though he didn't originate it (I don't remember the source but it was some professional association). The data also often implies...
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    Long Sweep 90 Elbows for 2729 Pipe Dust Collection

    This photo shows the shopvac in the cabinet. I never got around to lining the cabinet and door with sound deadening material, but just having it there really reduces the noise. Before one of the WW mags (AWW?) would publish my installation I had to run a temperature check- it never got much...
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    Long Sweep 90 Elbows for 2729 Pipe Dust Collection

    6" couplings, wyes, caps, and tight radius bends are widely available in ASTM D2729 (fittings may also be marked ASTM D3034, D3035, and are sometimes made from other plastics besides PVC). The fittings can even be found at the Borg (though often not in the plumbing section!) even though they...
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    Long Sweep 90 Elbows for 2729 Pipe Dust Collection

    Whoa, cowboys- I hate to say this but there is a lot of bad or misleading info in this thread, e.g. All sources of static pressure are important because they are cumulative. A single, long sweep bend is always better (generates less static pressure) than two 45's, for two reasons- the radius...
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    Need info, installing a Byrd Shelix head on a Hammer A3-31

    $960!!! Must be a small diameter head. I want to put one on my 20" Delta RC51- check out the price on that sucker!! o_O
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    Need info, installing a Byrd Shelix head on a Hammer A3-31

    Wow, a lot of work, but nice job! Now, what is the abbreviated results/recommendation? Is it a doable, worth doing, better left to machine expert, etc. and is the quality of cut worth the effort and expense (FYI, have Byrd heads on my 15" planer and 8" jointer.)?
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    Shop Vac Bag Knock Offs

    ?? We are talking basic shopvac, are we not? A device where the air and dust enter the vac body and air goes out in the middle after passing through a small cartridge filter? Most of those come with a cartridge filter. The dust typically falls off the Gortex type cartridges with just a few...
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    Shop Vac Bag Knock Offs

    Why not convert to a cartridge filter which is reusable- Cleanstream with Gortex media seems to be one of the top brands and it is washable and comes in different sizes. More expensive, but re-usable.
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    IPE and Purple Heart Deck

    If you are snapping bits you are drilling too aggressively, allowing the bits to get hot, and not clearing waste from the hole and drill's flutes often enough. IYou have a similar issue if you are snapping screws- you are drilling your pilot holes too small and over-torquing the screws. I...
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    Shiplap in the shop

    Had you considered slat wall to make things easy to attach without drilling and screwing?
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    Any reason this would not work?

    You mean as a replacement motor for an existing lathe?
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    Retro-Fit Canister Filter for Dust Collector

    Though it is admitedly and very basic demonstration (photo?) setup (lunch box planer, portable contractor saw, and three other small drops) that Oneida shows on the Supercell webpage, but how can a company whose main business is dust collection systems, show ducting that uses 'T' fittings, a...
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    Retro-Fit Canister Filter for Dust Collector

    Seriously- putting a canister on a single stage DC!?!?!? It is a big waste of money. In short order, not only will the canister clog and reduce air flow (and you can't throw a canister in the wash), but also, much of the finest dust will permanently clog and even damage the filter media.
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    Roll top desk repair..... need help

    My suggested approach varies slightly, depending on the answers to a few questions. A photo would help. Does the tambor have interlocking (sorta ball and socket) slats or are the slats joined the traditional way with canvas glued to the back. I assume, if it has a canvas backing, you don't...
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    Up spiral and Down-spiral router bits

    When looking at a router from the motor end routers turns CW. So when looking at the bit from the shank end or the cutter end, the spiral cutting edges on an upcut bit wrap around the bit to the right or clockwise- chips are pulled up towards the base of the router. On a down-cut bit the...
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    Frustrating joints

    Since the recesses/fingers are both too wide by a smidge- you could have a bit that is just a few thousandths too small. That would at least account for the fit. Are you using the supplied spiral bit or one (or a straight bit) from another source? But, I still get back to the guide bushing...
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    Frustrating joints

    I don't have one and have never seen one in person, but my guess is you have one or more of the following issues: (a) your router bit is dull or the wrong size, (b) you are trying to move the router and cut too fast, (c) your stock is moving in the jig, (d) the template has burrs, (e) the guide...

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