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  1. wolfsburged

    Free garage door & tracks 8'x8' - Cary

    I am taking down one of my garage doors soon as I wall in the opening. The opening is 8' x 8'. The door is a multi-panel white design with no windows. No opener. You can have everything related - tracks, spring, door, etc. Perhaps someone is in the process of building a shop and could use it? I...
  2. wolfsburged

    Retractable Air Hose Reels

    I have one just like this: I like it with the handle to manage the retraction rather than the spring loaded type that try to whip around everywhere. Also lets you buy a decent quality hose to put in the reel.
  3. wolfsburged

    WTB: Stand for Rockwell/Delta 6x48 Sander

    Thanks. Believe it or not, the only new parts are the upper and lower shaft bearings. Everything else was able to be cleaned up and restored with a combination of Evaporust, sand blasting, wire wheeling, and painting. It was pretty badly rusted to begin with. But I think it will be a nice...
  4. wolfsburged

    WTB: Stand for Rockwell/Delta 6x48 Sander

    Hmm, drives a hard bargain. I saw that earlier, and might be an option if I can't find a factory stand. Would prefer something a bit heavier though. This thing is a bit tippy.
  5. wolfsburged

    WTB: Stand for Rockwell/Delta 6x48 Sander

    I am wrapping up a restoration project of a Rockwell/Delta 6x48 sander. However I do not have a stand for it. My preference would be to find an original 4-leg welded steel factory stand for this, but would be open to sheet metal stand or other sturdy options. The closer to Cary, NC the better...
  6. wolfsburged

    Oil or wax? To prevent tools from rusting...

    I have used Boeshield T9 for the past ~6 years and it has worked well for me.
  7. wolfsburged

    Sewing machine

    Have you checked Surplus Center? I would probably just stick to a similar frame size AC motor than try to retrofit something odd. Single or 3 phase depending on if you want to use a VFD to speed control.
  8. wolfsburged

    Are Bench Top Jointers Worth It?

    What part of the operation is frustrating? Seems like most all jointers are based on roughly the same design.
  9. wolfsburged

    Are Bench Top Jointers Worth It?

    Beyond what has already been said about benchtop models, of which I have no experience, definitely consider a used stationary jointer. They are generally very simple machines with not a lot to go wrong. Check it out carefully but short of having been dropped or seriously misused/ancient they are...
  10. wolfsburged

    2021 Raffle Prizes - Master List

    I just got my tickets!
  11. wolfsburged

    Porch Wooden Stair Stringers

    I rebuilt my front porch and steps about 8 years ago. For the stair stringers I purchased pre-cut treated outdoor stair stringers from Lowes thinking that they would be the best option to retain the pressure treatment throughout. Now fast forward to today and multiple sections of stringers have...
  12. wolfsburged

    C-14 guide bearings all failed

    I prefer to buy all of my bearings through Accurate Bearing Company | Electric Motor Grade Bearings I am wary of Amazon/Ebay/Etc - too easy to get fakes.
  13. wolfsburged

    Too much technology

    All of the new ceiling fans with light packages have built in dimmer/power limiters to keep you from putting too large of bulbs in them. I only use CFL or LED bulbs, which always tended to flicker with those in place. So each new fan I have to cut the dimmer box out and splice the light socket...
  14. wolfsburged

    Does it really replace?

    I bought the WEN version spindle/belt sander because I needed a spindle sander and the combo unit was only a little bit more $ than the plain spindle sander. Already have a 6x48 belt sander with a 9" disc sander. I like the combo unit for spindle sanding. I kind of like it for the belt, in...
  15. wolfsburged

    Home workshop insurance

    My policy I believe caps detached buildings at 10% as well. Luckily my workshop is in my basement and attached garage. We had a burglary a few years back and found the hard way about certain item limits being underinsured. Our policy had specific limits for jewelry, cash, and firearms. Most...
  16. wolfsburged

    Another "what were they thinking"

    Never seen that, I might have to pick some up!
  17. wolfsburged

    Direct external vent for DC??

    I tried this over the weekend as a test. Man was it loud outside. Even louder than it seemed inside with the filter installed. Too close to my neighbors to probably do it.
  18. wolfsburged

    Drill Press Restoration

    Very nice! I enjoy restoring old Delta/Rockwell stuff as well. Seems like WW2 was about the cut-off point for the R-I motors. I have a 1939 6" Delta Jointer with a 1/2HP R-I motor that works just as new, I was lucky that all it needed was a new cord!
  19. wolfsburged

    Band saw upgrades

    I have the Kreg fence as well. It is plenty sturdy. Unlike many other Kreg products there is virtually no plastic. I think the only plastic piece is the locking knob handle.
  20. wolfsburged

    Compressed air piping

    3/4" copper main trunk lines. No issues with pressure drop or leaks, no worries about plastic getting brittle, no worries about iron pipe rusting. I have an 80 gallon 5 HP compressor located in my basement. Vertical tank - I removed the pump and motor and put those separately on a wooden mount...

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