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    Help Identifying Tree

    My first thought was hickory. If the outer bark feels like cork it's probably ash. If the bark is hard then it's hickory.
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    Anyone want to use my lathe?

    Sorry, I've already loaned it to Casey. He has it at his house.
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    Anyone want to use my lathe?

    That should be ok. I'll be out of town the 10th through the 15th. Any time after that. My phone # is 252-883-4900
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    Anyone have pecan, cherry or hickory firewood?

    Will do. I might try to cut them this week.
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    Anyone want to use my lathe?

    I have an older lathe from Central Machinery (model 123) which I haven't used in years. Not sure that I want to sell it but I thought someone might want to use it to try their hand at turning. It has 5 speeds and I think the bed is 3', maybe a little longer. I have a set of gouges also. I...
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    Anyone have pecan, cherry or hickory firewood?

    I have a cherry and a pecan that I plan to cut down. I haven't done it yet because of the heat. I am planning to use both for firewood next winter. You can have some for free if you don't mind the hour drive. If you want it I can take the time to cut the trees when you come. You won't have to...
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    100 year old window sash

    Jack, looks like you're the one if you are interested. Mullis no longer makes wooden window sash. Looks like you are in Zebulon which is less than 20 miles from me. I can bring the one sash I've taken out for you to look at. I will need to remove the other 2 and find something to block my...
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    100 year old window sash

    I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in making some wooden window sashes for me. I am quite willing to pay. My house turns 100 this year. I spent a lot of time and work restoring the house about 20 years ago. I also re-glazed all the windows. But now I have 3 with rotten lower...
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    question about powder post beetle.

    Do ppb's ever just go away on their own? I have some pecan lumber that showed the tell tale signs of ppb. I moved it back in October to clean it up and see exactly what I had. It's been cut and stacked for 30 years. Since moving it I have seen no more signs of bugs. Just wondering if they left...
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    Does this count as a woodworking accident?

    That's good to know. My current record of 15 years with no accidents (or trips to the hospital) stands! I'm healing nicely but looks like I'll have a scar. My camera isn't working so I'll try to get my daughter to take a couple of pictures of the log/culprit. But I'm not taking any pictures...
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    Does this count as a woodworking accident?

    I have a large piece of cherry that was intended to be fire wood but because of it's unique shape I decided to try to make a table from it instead of burning it. I scraped away all the dead outer wood and wire brushed it and sanded it and was satisfied with it. But... I left it sitting in the...
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    Entering the World of Crepe Myrtle

    I need to cut a couple of limbs from a myrtle in my yard. The tree is alive and green. The limbs are about 5" in diameter , maybe bigger. You are welcome to the wood. I'll probably burn it in the woodstove next year when it's dry.
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    Brushing Lacquer... do you have a favorite brush?

    Purdy white bristle brushes are made from hog hair. They work nicely but I used to use a badger hair brush for best results. A lot of paint stores still sell them.
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    Live Edge Slabs - Where to find

    I have a slab of pecan cut from a tree downed during hurricane Fran. It does not have a live edge. It measures 77" long by 21" wide (maybe a little wider than that) and 3 1/4" thick. Problem is it has pp beetles. I have some other 4/4 boards up to 24" wide with live edges but they have...
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    Identification help

    Looks like pecan to me. I have some in my barn and the bark and wood in the pictures look an awful lot like what I have.
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    Shop Heater

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    Unusual Request

    I sent you a pm.
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    Is this Ash?

    Stick a finger nail into the bark. If it feels like cork the wood is likely ash. Ash also splits pretty easily whereas sweet gum does not. The first picture looks a lot like sweet gum. They second picture looks more like ash.
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    Storm doors in Raleighwood

    We've been in our house for 18 years. I'm on my 4th storm door. The first 3 were those vinyl/aluminum things that began cracking around the corners and gradually rotted from the inside. They were all made by Larsen. I now have an old school solid aluminum door. It's been up for a couple of...
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    WTB: Old wavy window glass

    Wilson Glass in Wilson, NC used to carry reproduction glass. Not sure about their prices but I know it cost more than regular glass. I have some sheets larger than what you are looking for but I am planning to use them. I'll look later today to see if I have more. If I do, it's free. They...

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