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  1. Dave's Bed

    Dave's Bed

  2. TV Unit

    TV Unit

    A piece of furniture for the Home Entertainment System
  3. lumber rack

    lumber rack

    air dried oak, various sizes
  4. lumber rack

    lumber rack

    kiln dried oak
  5. lumber rack

    lumber rack

    same wall other end
  6. lumber rack

    lumber rack

    cleats inspired by the wood whisperer
  7. TN Woodie

    Two less than $10 tool deals from Lowes

    By the way, that's 1/2 price and good through the 12th.
  8. TN Woodie

    Grizzly Drum Sander 1/2 price

    Sorry guys, but once again, this is in knoxville, but it seems like a good deal. A Grizzly 24" dual drum sander for $750.
  9. TN Woodie

    Raleigh CL - Ridgid Oscillating Sander - $80 (Raleigh-Durham)

    I wish I lived somewhere near that thing.:BangHead:
  10. TN Woodie

    Delta Unisaw with 52" unifence left tilt - $500 (North Raleigh )

    Recently reposted. Ad states "Not a unisaw"
  11. TN Woodie

    DeWalt D27905 10-Gallon Dust Extractor Vacuum $199 from Tool King via NewEgg

    Beware, the replacement HEPA filter for this thing is about $100. :eek:
  12. TN Woodie

    Powermatic Table Saw $800

    Just saw a big Powermatic table saw, Knoxville craigslist. Not real close for you guys in NC but may be a great deal? It's north of Cherokee Lake, East of Knoxville.
  13. TN Woodie

    Laguna 24" Bandsaw 1/2 price Says the list is 5399, selling for 2699. It's brand new. Greeneville TN.
  14. TN Woodie

    Delta enclosed stand 14" Band Saw with riser$300

    Not too surprising... Gone.
  15. TN Woodie

    Does this look like a good deal?

    It appears likely that the motor is single phase, but would probably be a deal breaker if it is three phase. (Unless of course you have three phase in your shop) Just something to verify before you buy.
  16. TN Woodie

    Lowes, Kobalt Hand Tools 50% Off

    I took a look and the new wrenches are made in Taiwan.:gar-Cr
  17. TN Woodie

    Lowes, Kobalt Hand Tools 50% Off

    I am working in tool world here in Jefferson City. We are getting in new Kobalt tools to replace the old ones that are on clearance. I have been told that we are changing manufacturers. I don't know yet, but I suspect that the new line will still be USA. The styles are changing a bit, the new...
  18. TN Woodie

    45%-Off Microjig GRR-ripper GR-230LG

    From experience, be careful and don't drop these things. The attachments will break off. That being said, I ordered another one on this deal.

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