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    Compressed air piping

    Aluminum with shark bite connections. As well as bend with emt bender.
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    A few Festool items

    Get that line borer set up did ya'
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    SOLD Remnants of my Dad's woodworking shop - For Sale

    I would be interested in the band saw. Is it still available?
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    Looking for Opinions - Production Cutting for RTA Furniture.

    Taylor, We keep all drawings and engineering on our mainframe. Always available to our customers that they were produced for. We use use Mozaik for our panel processing, it produces a complete panel including blind dados, system holes for hardware, construction holes, decorative hardware holes...
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    Looking for Opinions - Production Cutting for RTA Furniture.

    Be careful of your connectors with "Bespoke" cabinets or furniture. Do your homework there as there are many and most do not lend themselves to that type of work, ie, Lamello, Lock dowel, rafix etc etc. They tend to be flimsy at best and most show a large footprint somewhere. Think Ikea. If you...
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    Williams & Hussey Moulder

    Alan, I would be interested in that! If you could let me know how to proceed, I would appreciate it. Robb Parker 828-228-8072 Thank you.
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    Knew Concepts saw

    Have used the Knew Concepts large coping saws for 10 years or better. Have 3 of them on my trucks and trailers. Can't imagine going back. We use them for coping architectural trim installations. Frames are as rigid as the day purchased. Their blades are the best made also, not too pricey either...
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    Auction Sale

    Chris, My apologies as I did not mean to offend. Nor be sarcastic towards you. I was trying to point out that there are members of NCWW that have large industrial equipment and shops that would purchase such equipment. From your question, it seemed your were questioning the appropriateness of...
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    Auction Sale

    Because I own a high quality industrial woodworking shop. This is some nice equipment for auction. However all 3 phase and not for the two car garage hobbiest, unless your really serious and have a 3 phase converter.
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    Wood ID

    Philippine mahogany, also know as Luan
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    Spraying SW ProClassic - Dilution needed? Revisiting (and recanting earlier statements)

    Anthony. Ron Bryze has a couple of good books on finishing.
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    Spraying SW ProClassic - Dilution needed? Revisiting (and recanting earlier statements)

    I am curious as to why any of you use a house paint on cabinets rather that, pre-cat CV, post-cat CV or some water base lacquer made for wood and cabinet finishing? Is it the cost, availability, lack of knowledge of products, or of spraying those products. I am not trying to be insulting, just...
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    Wanted: 8in. Jointer

    I have an 8" in decent shape. However 3 phase motor and needs switch replacement (runs but use wood shim to hold on) Tables and fence true and in good shape. Motor easily replaced with single phase. Dust collection port included. Maybe $250. Must pick up.
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    Selling Shop Tools due to Downsizing (Charlotte/Lake Norman)

    Rich, I apologize, but I see under the bell, a notice, but it just sends me to this page. I don't see, nor know where to look for your PM. I'm an analogue man living in a digital world!
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    Selling Shop Tools due to Downsizing (Charlotte/Lake Norman)

    Interested in band saw. could you shoot me your asking price. Thanks
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    The small cabinet shop

    Willem, We cut cabinets for other shops. All custom with design software to provide floor plans, elevations and perspectives. Can provide RTA or assembled and finishing. All work CNC cut to 1/32nds. Finishing and material handleing will be your bottlenecks. Whole house cabinet shop not for the...
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    CNC Service Bureaus

    Mike, Heritage Woodwright, 5851 Balsom Ridge Road, Suite F, Denver, NC 28037. We use Mozaik as out CAD/CAM software. Design to machine, auto generates g-code. Price point is good. Website in signature line.
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    CNC Service Bureaus

    Not in Raleigh area, but Denver, NC. We have a industrial 4x10 Homag router and cut MDF and ply/veneers.
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    Workshop/tool access

    We are in Denver. 8-6 most days during the week. Always around Saturday mornings and some Sundays. Text me and I'll accommodate. Robb 828-228-8072. Oh yea, no charge for NCWW members.
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    Workshop/tool access

    Welcome to my shop.

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