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  1. mark2

    Cherry Cutting Board

    A Christmas gift to my daughter - juice grooves will be added later if she wants them This one is from a yard tree that fell in storm about 10 yrs ago - Chainsaw milled then sat in garage until this year - Split the board down the long checks, straightened an edge then to the saw and planed...
  2. mark2

    Checker Board

    Maybe someday I'll grow up to be a Chessboard..... It's been a while since I had any time in the garage with wood tools out. Much longer since the last Chessboard that was done in High school shop Made by request from 7 yr old Granddaughter - I think it'll end up as a family gift. Planer...
  3. mark2

    some late gifts

    made 4 spoons like the one shown as well as another coffee scoop (southpaw version for daughters boyfriend ) for gifts - three of the spoons made for my sisters left for CA before I got the camera out and the other scoop is wrapped up. This spoon and spatula go to my aunt in CA as well but...
  4. mark2

    Finished Christmas gift - cherry and sapele box

    Completed box for some of my daughters christmas more special tree ornaments. Box sides and panel on the top are Sapele, base and frame on lid are cherry. Colors turned out very similar though I only used clear satin Arm r seal for finish. Contrast in grain is more of what I was after. Also...
  5. mark2

    A couple new places to sit in the yard

    Had to do something with the remains of the oak and cherry tree that fell in the spring storms. The rustic oak bench was built using mortise and tenon with wedged dowels - no glue (except a bit to hold the bowtie where my tenon was a bit tight and split the wood) or hardware and is...
  6. mark2

    Developing new skills

    Tried my hand at carving some leaves and stringing a border for this step stool for my granddaughter. Unfortunately the 8" height only gets her nose to counter height so it will be a few months before she uses it for a step but it is a good seat for her now. The Cherry came from a tree that...
  7. mark2

    Not quite new......

    I am Mark Reimer - I have been hanging around the site for a while now, even posting a few projects and replies to others but have not introduced myself as of yet - so here goes. I am a middle aged transplant to the area from the Sierra foothills of California with a 5 yr pitstop in Dallas Tx...
  8. mark2

    Sapele Memory box

    This memory box / small chest was made at the request of my daughter to give to friends that lost their 2 year old son and his grandfather in a tragic swimming pool accident earlier this summer in Dallas TX.:gar-Cr The box is made of sapele with maple accents, 11" deep x 17" wide and 11" tall...
  9. mark2

    Spoons & scoops

    Some scrap maple and some cherry and Ambrosia?? salvaged from the firewood pile and too much time on my hands
  10. mark2

    looking for smallish slab for table top

    I am in Lake Wylie SC and am looking for a smallish slab for "rustic" occasional table with a tapered hexagonal pedestal and claw feet that were made from a W. oak tree felled in the yard a couple yrs ago - 26" to 30" long, 18" to 24" Wide and I would like the end result to have lived edge -...
  11. mark2

    My first chair

    Sized for my 15 mo granddaughter from a piece of leftover white oak that was standing in corner waiting for a useful purpose. View image in gallery

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