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    New Supermax 19-38 Changing Paper Issues

    Hey All, I picked this unit up a few months ago and it has lived up to my expectations. Recently, after I burned through the factory installed 80 grit, I bought some bulk rolls and cut my own lengths and tapers per mfg instructions. The first 2 rolls I installed had excellent results. Now...
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    Spraying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint With HVLP

    Hey All, I just sprayed a custom-built sideboard with A.S. chalk paint. Rough finish but beautifully consistent color Sorry, pictures will not help to point out my concern. Some points to note. First, a few years back, I brushed this brand on my hand-built kitchen cabs and distressed for...
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    Reclaimed Lumber Find - Small But Still A Jackpot

    Friends of ours were clearing their recently deceased father's basement and came upon a stack of these boards from an old mill the family once owned. The couple commissioned me to create several simple tables and benches for family members. There at least 3x as much as needed and I'm thinking...
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    Unisaw #36-812 Switch Problem

    Afternoon, My Unisaw switch has an issue with turning on and off, often requiring a few pushes for either operation. I'd first ask if anyone else has experienced this problem with this model? Compressed air blowout didn't solve anything. I managed to dig up the original "Replacement...
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    Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table Extension & Incra Mast-R-Lift II Combo

    Evening Folks, Just checking to see if anyone has this setup, or close to it, and what they think of it. I've been interested in this bolt on cast iron table for quite some time. I do not have the wall space for another stationary tool. My Unisaw w/ 52" extension is on the massive Portamate...
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    Supplier and Outsourcing List?

    Hey All, I can't locate a supplier list on this website though I have seen one before. Can anyone either post a link or briefly describe the navigation process? Also, is there a list of folks who do any outsourcing (not to be confused with favors)? For example, I'd like to add turnings to my...
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    Looking For Someone With A Sheet Metal Brake

    Hey all, I'm constructing a 14' commercial bar that requires a copper top. I'd be looking to hire someone to make the 90 degree bends in the copper roll and maybe solder a seam. Probably a few hours of shop work. If you can steer me to someone who doesn't mind a smaller job, that would be...
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    Fuji Mini Mite 4 Review

    Good evening all, Well after much paralysis by analysis, I went ahead and purchased my Mini Mite 4 a few weeks ago to finish a commissioned job. I bought it at Klingspor and picked up an additional 1.8mm tip based on another member's guidance. I had completed my last painted kitchen several...
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    Looking For A Glass Shelving Fabricator For Our Projects

    Afternoon All, Does anyone have a source that will cut and polish 3/8" non-tempered glass shelving? I'm in the Lake Norman area and have received quotes that are crazy high. Need approximately 23"L x 8"D or 9"D. About nine in quantity. Been quoted $50-$85 per shelf. Thanks
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    Fuji Mini Mite 4 - Additional Aircaps For a Range of Finishes

    Good Afternoon, I'm planning picking up a Mini Mite 4 T-Series from our friends at Klingspor tomorrow. I managed to convince myself I needed it for a commissioned commercial job. Anyway, I've sprayed lacquer for the better part of 25 years, nitro and pre-cat. My intention is to have the...
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    Plane Restoration- Flattening Backs and Reshaping Bevels

    Good Evening All, I have finally unboxed about 15 old Bailey and 3 Bedrock planes I'd like to condition for use. Varying condition but mainly good. Includes a 607C and a #8. Most prior to 1926 (several "Types"). I may sell a few in the future so I'm trying not to diminish their value...
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    Looking For Black Locust Fence Posts/White Oak Rails

    I'm looking for about 60 Black Locust fence posts, preferably 4"x4" square or 6"x6" round in 7' lengths. I've talked to 2 places near Asheville, Bee Tree Hardwood and Mountain Works. Inventory hasn't been to spec nor do either have Saturday hours. Any suggestions are appreciated. The...
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    Couple of Downed Oak Trunks Looking For A Wood-Mizer

    I'm posting this for a friend. His brother has two oak trunks that were cut in April of 2015. Each measures about 33' long and 18-20" in diameter. Located in Statesville. I was asked if I was interested in building a few bar tops from these trees but I cannot mill them from logs. Don't...
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    California Claro Walnut Slabs For Sale

    I purchased these in 1997 from California Walnut Designs and had them shipped back. The wider crotch piece was cut off-center to preserve figure. The other two approx. 8"x60" slabs have rays similar to tiger maple on the quarter sawn side. All pieces run from 2.50" to 3" thick. Sorry, but...
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    Non-Mortise Butt Hnge Installation Problem - Kitchen Cabinets

    Hey Guys, I am in the process of building and installing a new set of kitchen cabinets in our home. These are beaded inset style. I've installed the 42" uppers that have fixed, edgebanded fixed shelves, previously fitted for each opening. I'm using Haefele partial wrap non-mortise butt...
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    Source For Kiln Dried 4/4 Poplar In Charlotte

    Hey All, I'm getting ready to build my new beaded inset face frame kitchen. Looking for a source of 4/4 kiln-dried Poplar. I prefer to most of my own milling, but dry is absolutely essential. It's for doors and face frames members. Probably need a few hundred board feet. Big box 4S is...
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    Grainger Clearance Item - Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig $70.46

    Hi All, Hope my first post saves someone a few dollars. I have not been able to find this for under $99.00 I'm picking this up from the Charlotte location next week. If the link does not work, just Google "Grainger Kreg K4".

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