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  1. jimwill48

    gun stock

    For me a good ol'fashion oil finish is best..Tru-Oil.....about 10 coats or so sanded in between coats...will leave you with a rich, deep oil finish...
  2. jimwill48

    Selling my shop due to heath and finance reasons and need advice

    Want to thank everyone who commented here (and on the ncww facebook page). I'm going to try to hold out till a little warmer weather but will be liquidating my shop in the near future. I will also be contacting those who offered help. I also want everyone to know I will be keeping a mini-lathe...
  3. jimwill48

    Selling my shop due to heath and finance reasons and need advice

    Is become painfully clear to my in the last 6 months that it is now time for me to sell all my shop tools and wood. In the last 6 months my health has gotten to a point where I'm almost unable to do anything in the shop any longer or for that matter work, and there is no fix in sight. I have...
  4. jimwill48

    Cncing a mini mill.

    Very cool. Have a mini-mill for years. This is a great conversion. You also need to add a belt drive to get rid of the break prone gears. Best upgrade I did to mine.
  5. jimwill48

    Wanted: Wood Magazine and other woodworking magazines

    Does anyone have any Wood Magazine or other woodworking magazines they want to get rid of. If so how much. Hopefully it will be close by (Mooresville) or we can come up with a shipping option. Trying to invigorate myself to get a lot more active... Thanks.. James
  6. jimwill48

    Help ID this wood

    My 1st thoughts were Douglas Fir and then Pine
  7. jimwill48

    Handcrafted Wood - 80gr Black Powder - Muzzleloader Powder Measure (New from the shop)

    Handcrafted Wood - 80gr & 30gr Black Powder - Muzzleloader Powder Measure The big powder measure is for 80 grains* of powder and made of Sapele. It was made for .45 caliber and up. The little powder measure is for 30gr of powder and made of Sapele. It was made for.36 caliber and .40 caliber...
  8. jimwill48

    Router help

    I have 2 - 1617 EVSPK and am very happy with them.
  9. jimwill48

    Latest Pen

    Latest Pen......308 Winchester bottom, bubinga top.....
  10. jimwill48

    We need Moderators and Administrators...

    I will also volunteer as a moderator.
  11. jimwill48

    Thinking about selling my shop

    Due to employment or lack there for, I'm thinking about selling my shop. The question is how would it be best to go about it. The larger tools like tablesaw, jointer, etc. seems like a no brainer but the smaller stuff like router bits, saw blades etc seems close to impossible. The best would be...
  12. jimwill48

    Tru Oil

    I had on of those cute little single shots when I was a teenager. My brother gave it to me for my birthday, wish I still had it. Good job on the refurbish...jw
  13. jimwill48

    Shop addition updates - WARNING,pic heavy

    Bill, Looking good there!!!!!!
  14. jimwill48

    Laptop Desks

    Just winged it. Top is 11x22" and sides are 11x11". James
  15. jimwill48

    Laptop Desks

    Laptop Desks made for my girls for Christmas Gifts. Poplar with white Ash edge banding! Sorry for the lousy photo....
  16. IMG_06611


  17. jimwill48

    Using a Porter-Cable 4212 Jig with different routers

    Have same router. You can use the Bosch bushings if its the same size as the P/C bushing. Or get the P/C bushing adapter.
  18. jimwill48

    Poplar Desk Finished

    A small poplar desk I just finish for my 17 year old niece Olivia! View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery

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