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    CMT Dado sets as low as $35 @ Lowes

    Yup, They are clearancing out the entire line,I also grabbed a 12 inch 96 tooth for my mitersaw @ $15 and a 10 in. 50 tooth for $12, better hurry on these as they will not last long
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    Craftsman Hollow Chisel Mortiser $149 @ Sears or Kmart , prolly outta hurry on these if you want or need 1
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    CMT Dado sets as low as $35 @ Lowes

    Now down to $12.60 here
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    CMT Dado sets as low as $35 @ Lowes

    There not bad and where else you gonna get an italian made dado for less than $40
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    Porter Cable 12 inch miter saw $89

    If your looking online and it shoes the $179 price more than likely all they have left is the demo, if its shown at a higher price its usually out of stock or they just want people in the store shopping Cromwell, CT - $45 N. High Point, NC - $54 N. Bergen, NJ - $62 - Now OOS (Unavailable)...
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    Porter Cable 12 inch miter saw $89
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    CMT Dado sets as low as $35 @ Lowes , got another 10% with the USPS movers package but have seen it elsewhere for less
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    PC Router + free dovetail jig@Woodcraft

    $30 is as close to free anyone around here is gonna get,LOL
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    PC Router + free dovetail jig@Woodcraft , , plus there a $10 off coupon code on the website as well
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    Possible deal on Irwin Miter saw laser

    I always avoid calling on these deals as in most case's the staff doesn't even know about them until you let them find out, by then its too late as an alternative I usually call and ask which ever associate answers the phone to check inventory with the sku number to see if they have the item in...
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    Possible deal on Irwin Miter saw laser

    Irwin Miter Saw Laser Guide - $5 @ Lowe's - YMMV, Hve not confirmed in Ga. as of yet but intend to shortly, seem to be some in the Carolina's for sure,Go Tarheels ,Tommy
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    F-Style Bessey's 2-1/2 x 36 limited sale, $9.99

    Bessey F-Style 2-1/2'' x 36'' Clamp - Rockler Woodworking Tools , free ship over $25, not a bad deal IMO
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    Digital readout sale at Grizzly

    What he said, thanks I need one for mine as well
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    Porter Cable 18v clearance

    Re: Porter Cabl;e 18v clearance Thanks,I'll look into that,Tommy
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    Porter Cable 18v clearance

    Lowes down here and elsewhere are starting to clearance out there 18v drill driver/impact/flashlight kits ,I bought 2 at a Lowes here in Cartersville,Ga. for $35.80 a piece. Since I can't post pics here,go to BT3Central and you can see copys of the receipt and pics here , Porter Cable combo kit...
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    BT-3000 on Raleigh CL

    I find that very hard to believe. I too had a BT-3000 and found it to be a very innovative saw with the sliding miter built into the saw that worked very well. I did some research on the net and have yet to find any information regarding any lawsuits filed against Ryobi regarding the specific...
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    Home Depot clearancing Ryobi tools

    It hasn't hit the south that much yet,but a few good sources indicate the Ryobi 12 inch D.P and Planer in the 13 inch are going down into the $60 + $40 range and the Scroll saw even less. Might wanna check inventory and see whats going on. Just because it says 1 price in the store it might ring...
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    Ridgid Router Bushing Set on Clearance

    Guess that mean ya'll have found them at the sale price then, Good, glad to help
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    Ridgid Router Bushing Set on Clearance

    I can't seem to get a pic to post here, So go over to BT3Central and dowload the pic of my receipt there,Tommy

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