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  1. jimwill48

    Selling my shop due to heath and finance reasons and need advice

    Is become painfully clear to my in the last 6 months that it is now time for me to sell all my shop tools and wood. In the last 6 months my health has gotten to a point where I'm almost unable to do anything in the shop any longer or for that matter work, and there is no fix in sight. I have...
  2. jimwill48

    Wanted: Wood Magazine and other woodworking magazines

    Does anyone have any Wood Magazine or other woodworking magazines they want to get rid of. If so how much. Hopefully it will be close by (Mooresville) or we can come up with a shipping option. Trying to invigorate myself to get a lot more active... Thanks.. James
  3. jimwill48

    Handcrafted Wood - 80gr Black Powder - Muzzleloader Powder Measure (New from the shop)

    Handcrafted Wood - 80gr & 30gr Black Powder - Muzzleloader Powder Measure The big powder measure is for 80 grains* of powder and made of Sapele. It was made for .45 caliber and up. The little powder measure is for 30gr of powder and made of Sapele. It was made for.36 caliber and .40 caliber...
  4. jimwill48

    Latest Pen

    Latest Pen......308 Winchester bottom, bubinga top.....
  5. jimwill48

    Thinking about selling my shop

    Due to employment or lack there for, I'm thinking about selling my shop. The question is how would it be best to go about it. The larger tools like tablesaw, jointer, etc. seems like a no brainer but the smaller stuff like router bits, saw blades etc seems close to impossible. The best would be...
  6. jimwill48

    Laptop Desks

    Laptop Desks made for my girls for Christmas Gifts. Poplar with white Ash edge banding! Sorry for the lousy photo....
  7. jimwill48

    Poplar Desk Finished

    A small poplar desk I just finish for my 17 year old niece Olivia! View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery
  8. jimwill48

    Metal Cutoff's/Scrap Wanted

    I in addition to woodworking also do metalworking with a small metal lathe and mill. Does anyone know anywhere around the Mooresville/Charlotte area any machine shops, etc. that may sell me small amounts of their cutoffs/scrap. I use 6061 aluminum, 1018, 12L14 steel, and cold rolled sheets steel...
  9. jimwill48

    Tablesaw Accident

    Well today is the 1st time I really hurt myself in woodworking. Some how I managed to cut the whole ball of my left thumb off on the tablesaw. From 1st joint to tip and from nail side to nail side. Good news no bone damage. Was ripping a 1 1/2" square from a larger board when the I hit a hidden...
  10. jimwill48

    Web Site Link Removal

    Hi, I just closed down my website and want to delete it from the Links Lib. How do I do it? The website was: :tinysmile_cry_t: Thanks, James
  11. jimwill48

    Pen Kits & Turning Kits - FS

    Well here is the Pen Kits and Turning Kits I have For Sale. These prices are plus shipping (depends on how much you buy). I have not included my PayPal address as I think it best to do this by PM other wise I could sell the same thing twice, so it will be 1st PM gets it. I will have another list...
  12. jimwill48

    ???Pen Kits, Turning Kits For Sale, Maybe????

    I have a large number of Pen Kits, and turning kits (toothpick holders, pill holders, keychain, etc.) pen blanks, etc, that I'm going to start thinning out. And i was wondering if there would be any interest among the group users for me to list these items in the classifed section? Let me know...
  13. jimwill48

    Need Advise - May need to sell entire shop!

    Hi Everyone, Need a little advise, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum or not but... Due to the economy and unemployment I may need in the near future need to sell my tools (shop). I know that everyone is going to say/think not to do it, that things will get better and I'm sure they will...
  14. jimwill48

    New Yankee Workshop DOA

    :eek: Just announced by Wood Magazine on Facebook that the New Yankee Workshop has been canceled or is no longer going to produce new shows. Norm will stay with This Old House. :no: James WOOD Magazine Breaking News: After twenty-one successful seasons on PBS, The New Yankee Workshop will...
  15. jimwill48

    Jr. Gent Retro

    This is a Jr. Gent Retro in 10K the wood is Masur Birch. This wood is fast becoming one of my favorites...james
  16. jimwill48

    Thank You! for your help!

    I want to thank everyone who helped me. :eusa_clap Brian (bpeck) for giving me the Gun. Gary NCTurner) for picking it up and getting it to the Pick-Up site. And Greg (Woodman2K) for bring it back to Mooresville. :notworthy: If there is anything I can ever do for you, just give me a call. James
  17. jimwill48

    Pony Express North Raleigh to Anchor Seal Pick-up Point

    I'm recieving a 410/.22 shotgun from BPeck (Brian) who lives in the North Raleigh area and I need to get it from him to the Anchor Seal Pickup point on Saturday so Greg can Pony Express it down to me here in Mooresville. Is there anyone who could pick it up and get it to Greg on Saturday? I...
  18. jimwill48

    Want to trade Woodworking tools for Hunting Items

    Not sure if this is the right spot or even allowed. If not I'm sure an Admin will let me know :rolf:. Anyway here goes. My brother has moved to Ky and has invited me up when Bird and rabbit season starts for some hunting. Since I have been unemployed and find myself short of funds to pickup a...
  19. jimwill48

    Tree Id Help, Please

    Can anyone help me Id this tree? Thanks...james One of these days I've got to learn or to Id trees on my own :BangHead: .
  20. jimwill48

    Need You to check Out my Website for me!

    Hi everyone, I know some of you have already visited my website. But since I've been unemployed I have really been working / adding to it. Taking photo's and adding. This is not a sales pitch as the shopping cart is not even active yet.. But I would like some feedback on what you like or don't...

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