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  1. Rick Mainhart

    Anvil? This mornings upgrades

    BUT !!!!! None of them say "ACME" I'd order one, but they said delivery was via "Drop Shipment".
  2. Rick Mainhart


    What length, style, and material are you looking to use? McMaster-Carr has an excellent selection as well as reasonable prices ... and their inventory is great.
  3. Rick Mainhart

    Cutting Board Design Programs

    I just downloaded, installed, and ran CBdesigner with no issues ... on a Windows7Pro system. You do need to install the comdlg32.ocx file in your windows\systrem32 folder as noted at the bottom of the linked page: Not sure if it's anything I need, but it certainly works here. Let me know if I...
  4. Rick Mainhart

    Warped chair advice needed

    A 60 pound anvil ... never thought I'd see the need for THAT tool in the woodshop. Acme brand I presume??? :)
  5. Rick Mainhart

    Wall Lumber this Sat from Charlotte

    I agree ... call ahead. It's only a 30 minute trip from here, but WELL worth it. Only left spending 2X what I had planned (it's hard to say no to Padauk when your wife says "can we get some of this too?")! [think I just broke an unwritten punctuation law there.] Rick
  6. Rick Mainhart

    Wanted - Construction lumber scraps - Greensboro/High Point Area

    Hi Roy, Good question. He is making the internal frames that hold brood and honey. These parts are made from 1-1/2" wide stock and have end-grain dados cut top and bottom. The pieces are then sliced from the stock and the necking down profile is cut on individual pieces. While not super...
  7. Rick Mainhart

    Wanted - Construction lumber scraps - Greensboro/High Point Area

    I know this may sound like a strange request, but a good friend of mine is into beekeeping, and is making his own woodware. In this quest, he needs some 2x4, 2x8, or 2x10 pine to make frame sides, and some 2x4 pine to make the frame tops and bottoms. Since the price of framing lumber is at an...
  8. Rick Mainhart

    Woodpeckers or Bust?

    You might want to look at Taylor Tools ( ... they have seconds (blemished) tools at fairly reasonable prices.
  9. Rick Mainhart


    Hi Hank, This was all done with a ShopBot PRT96 CNC router using a 1/8" shank 0.050" diameter end mill at 1"/second cut rate and 0.5"/second plunge rate. Had to use a 1/4" to 1/8" collet adapter (thank you Klingspor!) ... fun to see such small fine work on such a large machine (48" x 96" x 6"...
  10. Rick Mainhart


    Here is a peek at a part of my current project. (Sorry about the portrait layout). These are two rosette blocks for the bookcase project I'm still working on. The bottom image was engraved with a 60 degree V-Bit in air-dried poplar. It's pretty ragged, partly because I missed the fact that...
  11. Rick Mainhart

    Fence rail source?

    Lowes and Home Depot carry split rail fencing (be prepared for sticker shock). I'd also call a few fence installation companies and ask them if they'll part with a few. Regards, Rick
  12. Rick Mainhart

    CNC endmill sharpening?

    Good morning Brad, Here's an alternative: Sharpening • Bits and Bits Company Haven't tried them yet, but will probably send them a pile of dull router bits to sharpen. They also recycle carbide, so if you have broken carbide bits, they'll be happy to have them. Regards, Rick
  13. Rick Mainhart

    Hardwood Plywood - Winston Salem

    Good afternoon Sean, Last time I picked up plywood from Rugby was on 12/30/20 ... I picked up 2 sheets of 3/4" 4 x 8 D03 RC WPF Maple White Face VC Sel White Rotary Cut Whole Piece Face VC TSCA (paint grade but really nice face) for $52.51 each. From a material standpoint alone, the material...
  14. Rick Mainhart

    Hello All

    Thanks everyone!
  15. Rick Mainhart

    Free Table Saw

    Good afternoon all, Andy, the saw is still available. You can call me or send me an e-mail if you want to coordinate pickup. Berta, thanks for your offer, but I really don't want to be holding onto parts of a saw ... I'd rather it continue to be useful to someone (Like Andy's friend). Bruce...
  16. Rick Mainhart

    Hello All

    Hi, I'm Rick from Kernersville. We moved here after I retired from the US Coast Guard in 1995. I've been woodworking since the early 1980s in one form or another. I started out with home improvement projects, and gradually moved into small projects and craft items. My woodworking experience...
  17. Rick Mainhart

    Free Table Saw

    I have a 10" Direct Drive (2 HP!) Sears/Craftsman Model 113.226880 table saw available for anyone wanting a project, or is willing to risk the motor completely quitting on you during your next project. Yes, the direct drive motor takes its own sweet time spinning up and while it does have the...
  18. Rick Mainhart

    Hardwood Plywood - Winston Salem

    Hi Ryan, Rugby in Kernersville. Nc Triad Mdc | Locations | Rugby ABP I'm using some 3/4 maple veneer cabinet grade plywood on a project and am very happy with Rugby and the plywood (actually made in Fort Mill, NC). Regards, Rick
  19. Rick Mainhart

    Table saw time

    Good morning Stephen, Just went through that search. I finally decided on the Grizzly G1023RLW. I decided after receiving the saw that I should have gotten the mobile base (T28000) ... but it will be here next week. I'm happy to discuss my initial thoughts on the saw (it's still in the garage...
  20. Rick Mainhart

    2x4 Office Shelving

    Thanks for the suggestion Jack. I forgot to mention that all the adjustable shelves are faced with 1" thick poplar. This is for a church and preschool library and edge banding won't last. The poplar and shelf receive a 1/4" x 3/8" groove and a 1/4" x 1/2" spline (cut from the 1/4" plywood...

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