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  2. Mike Camp

    Bathroom Makeover

    I've used Bizzy Bee plumbing for an outside line that cracked and they did a quality job at a reasonable price.
  3. Mike Camp

    Festool Tools on RDU CL

    Full disclosure this is my CL posting, but not my tools. I'm selling them for a friend that had to move out of the area on short notice.
  4. Mike Camp

    Nail Gun

    Correct 1-1/4" nail. Definitely use glue as well, because the nails (especially 18 gauge brad nails) will work themselves loose over time. The brads are really just to hold everything in place until the glue dries and to provide some mechanic bond. I would suggest using an 18 gauge brad nailer...
  5. Mike Camp

    Removing Arbor Screw on Circular Saw

    Is it a right or left blade saw?
  6. Mike Camp

    Anyone Build a Thein Separator?

    I built one for my router table using a 5 gallon bucket. It works quite well getting about 99% of the dust. Only the really, really fine stuff makes it through. I followed plans similar to these ( There is...
  7. Mike Camp

    Table Saw Fence Suggestions

    In case you decide to toss the current fence completely I highly recommend the Delta T2 fence system. I paid around $160 if memory serves and it has been worth every penny. I considering it a Biesemeyer lite, but still very accurate and durable...
  8. Mike Camp

    Scheppach CS 55 Plunge Saw with Two 25" Rails and Connector $125 shipped - Good Deal?

    Yep, I'd be all over it if I didn't have my cherished green tracksaw.
  9. Mike Camp

    Bosch Colt Plunge Base

    Yep, you could purchase it off Amazon for $99 and pay the NC use tax next April.
  10. Mike Camp

    F250 in my shop...

    One more thing keep track of your time, missed work hours and mileage related to this. It is a pain, but if you get into a settlement situation it could very well mean a few extra dollars to make up for what they didn't give you for something else.
  11. Mike Camp

    F250 in my shop...

    Very glad no one was seriously injured. I see you got pictures of the damage that is good. Take an inventory (with pictures) of everything (down to sandpaper and pencils) damaged or destroyed. You'll need to get estimates from LICENSED general contractors as well for repairs/replacement. Then...
  12. Mike Camp

    Outlets in the Floor-They Need to Go

    Could you possibly try using an exterior outlet box. I have one like this on my porch. I would imagine it would keep most of the dust out. Not sure if you could adapt the floor box to fit it.
  13. Mike Camp

    Wood Glue

    I use TB2 more often because of the faster dry/set time and most of my glue-ups are not very complex.
  14. Mike Camp

    Flooring advice: Wide plank floor made from plywood

    If you don't mind stuff getting stuck in the gaps the way they did it would work I think. If you had a lot of time on your hands you could put a tongue and groove on all of them using a router table. This would allow for you to install with a flooring stapler. A shaper would be much better...
  15. Mike Camp

    Tool Gloat - Grizzly G0715P

    Yep, I believe that is the same guy I bought my SCMS from a few years back. Real nice guy. Glad such a sweet saw went to a fellow NCWW!
  16. Mike Camp

    grr-ripper and free hand routing question

    I've done it many times with my Gripper using a bit with a bearing on it. No issues at all just take it easy and practice with some scrap wood first. The deflector connector attachment is nice to prevent chips from flying up in your face and to keep your hand away from the bit.
  17. Mike Camp

    Track Saw Users?

    If you decide to pull the trigger on one, just make sure to let us know how it goes.
  18. Mike Camp

    Track Saw Users?

    +1 for the dust collection with MDF. My bride was not too happy with me putting MDF dust all over the jogging stroller via my table saw and/or a circular saw (with shooting board). She was floored after my last project with how clean the Festool left the garage.
  19. Mike Camp

    Track Saw Users?

    A gentleman from Australia reviewed the Scheppach cs55 which apparently the Grizzly is just a rebadge of. He thought it was pretty good especially at the price. On the clamps subject I have a set of the DeWalt's that I work great on the Festool. I...
  20. Mike Camp

    Restoring a Craftsman 113.27520 10" table saw

    Restored a similar one (not a Craftsman but contractor style) about a year ago. I only regret not taking many before pictures. The biggest upgrades were a Link Belt and a Delta T2 fence, and I replaced the two bearings on the arbor. I also installed a Grizzly paddle stop switch for ease of...

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