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  1. mark2

    Hand Planes

    in addition to the planes themselves, a good sharpening system along with patience to learn. Having a Jointer and planer already might put you in position to start with smoothing plane and a block plane.
  2. mark2

    Redoing a metal and wood lawn bench

    The "Patina" looks great as is - might consider to Seal it in and prevent further rust How to Seal Rusted Metal to Prevent Stains and Mess (
  3. mark2

    Cherry Cutting Board

    A Christmas gift to my daughter - juice grooves will be added later if she wants them This one is from a yard tree that fell in storm about 10 yrs ago - Chainsaw milled then sat in garage until this year - Split the board down the long checks, straightened an edge then to the saw and planed...
  4. mark2

    Checker Board

    A bit simpler than that (but might have used a lathe if I had one) - Cut to thickness on TS, then smoothed with plane before cutting to length and trimming corners to octagonal shape with bench hook, speed square and hand saw a bit of sanding then Beeswax / mineral oil finish as I imagine & 7yr...
  5. mark2

    Checker Board

    The board is inset to the frame, glued to 1/4" ply that is glued into rabbet in the inside frame This is the only W.I.P pic - sent to son telling him that it was in progress but "Some Assembly Required" - he asked for instructions....
  6. mark2

    Checker Board

    Maybe someday I'll grow up to be a Chessboard..... It's been a while since I had any time in the garage with wood tools out. Much longer since the last Chessboard that was done in High school shop Made by request from 7 yr old Granddaughter - I think it'll end up as a family gift. Planer...
  7. mark2

    Bandsaw Problems

    twisted upper arm or slide bracket?
  8. mark2

    Laguna Cylcone not separating...

    I would restrict opening at tool for first trial, air volume could also be overwhelming cyclones capacity
  9. mark2

    Laguna Cylcone not separating...

    Developed this problem on change to 6" duct - it looks a bit like you have more air volume going in than the filter is capable of exhausting - possibly clean filter or try restricting duct at planer to 4" and see what happens
  10. mark2

    Best mobile base?

    Consider a small Pallet Jack if you have 3" clearance under equipment - tough over threshold though unless you can fashion some sort of ramp.
  11. mark2

    Cutting Board Help

    I'm thinking any engraving on a cutting surface would destroy it for that purpose - you might get away with smallish patterns in the corners
  12. mark2

    Disaster: Black spots on White Oak project

    method 3 describes how to make drinking water(by allowing sediments to settle) from rain water - not distilled water, which would be the condensate of steam if I recall correctly
  13. mark2

    Wood ID...Probably Oak

  14. mark2

    Need a cure for slick wooden stairs....

    try wiping them down w/ water, MS or alcohol - might have wax or some sort of polish that makes them slick. I have clear finished oak stair treads and no real trouble with slipping -never do more than clean w/ water
  15. mark2

    Why do powered hand tool manufacturer's

    on most of my usage of portables, the 5'-6' cord is useless without an extension cord - maybe the better idea would be to reduce included cords to nothing more than a pigtail or?
  16. mark2

    Stained cutting board

    change the name of the characteristic from stain to PATINA and everyone will understand the artisanal value.....:gar-Bi
  17. mark2

    Strange Issue with SCMS

    "The boards were securely against the fence. They were locked down on the feed side. The outfeed side as not clamped." How was the board supported on the unclamped end? looking at the burn marks makes it look as if it was dropping a bit to bind on the blade (clean at start of cut and looks to...
  18. mark2


    I have a biscuit joiner and a brad nailer because of Norm - maybe not for the purist but biscuits are a great way to align a bunch of boards when making a table top - the brad nailer sure helps when making a set of cabinets for the Garage - I owe a bit of gratitude to Roy for showing me more of...
  19. mark2

    Have you heard of this bench?

    anyone have a box of halftone dots?
  20. mark2

    OH NO!!! Not More Cabinet Work!!

    Whaaaat??? - you don't get to install it too??????????

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