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  1. chris99z71

    American Woodyards (Raleigh) price list 2019-04-16

    Current as of 3/8/06
  2. chris99z71

    Jake's chair 2019-04-16

    This is a pattern for an Adirondack chairs that I found online.
  3. chris99z71

    North Carolina Wood Resources (Excel) 2019-04-16

    This is the same as the .pdf file, but in excel format so that you can sort by city, county or whatever.
  4. chris99z71

    Appalachia Service Project - help needed!

    For those who have asked- April 13th is the date for the auction.
  5. chris99z71

    Appalachia Service Project - help needed!

    A huge thanks to Charlie, Smallboat and Ptofimpact for you donations so far!
  6. chris99z71

    Appalachia Service Project - help needed!

    I've sent an email questioning the date to the responsible party, but I've yet to receive a response.
  7. chris99z71

    Appalachia Service Project - help needed!

    By the day of the auction. They're trying to get the items beforehand in order to advertise, but it's not completely necessary.
  8. chris99z71

    Appalachia Service Project - help needed!

    Mike, It really is a fantastic program and an amazing opportunity for some selfless kids. I know that the timeline is short for folks to make stuff, but my though was that maybe folks had some stuff already made (hopeful)... I'm not normally a 'last minute' kind of person, but the idea of...
  9. chris99z71

    Appalachia Service Project - help needed!

    I'm seeking some help for an organization that I'm involved with, but first I'd like to make a few disclaimers: I'm not profiting from this. Although the organization is run through a church, it is not to benefit the church per se (keep reading to see what I mean). If this is posted in the wrong...
  10. chris99z71

    Window seat for my daughter's dormer

    Here is a link to the pintrest site that I made: Here are the pictures: The 4" piece of PVC on the bottom of the toy box slides between the two guide rails screwed to the floor. The casters, on both sides of the opening under...
  11. chris99z71

    Need help planing some rough cherry

    So I know that I've been inactive on NCWW for quite some time now - what can I say - "life happens". Anyway, I'm trying to get back into woodworking now that my kids are getting a little older. I'm trying to build my wife a new vanity cabinet for our bathroom and I need to plan about 10 pieces...
  12. chris99z71

    Delta 17-911 1/2-in x 1/2-in Professional Mortising Chisel and Bit Set - $19.99

    I don't have a mortising machine, but this seems to be too good of a deal not to share with those who do. I don't think that their "regular price" of $64.99 is realistic, but $20 seems to be a good deal...
  13. chris99z71

    Wiring questions for Niche above fireplace

    FWIW, try for cables. They're absurdly cheap, their shipping is reasonable (and quick), and they warranty everything they sell for life. I've ordered HDMI, Toslink and USB cables from them without issue.
  14. chris99z71

    Oak Lumber run

    I'm definitely in for ~ 75bf of QSRO. I need new stair treads so 5/4 at 12" wide would be the order of the day...
  15. chris99z71

    Anybody in the Ral area w/ a plug cutter?

    Thanks, Tom! PM sent!
  16. chris99z71

    Anybody in the Ral area w/ a plug cutter?

    Anybody in the Ral area w/ a plug cutter who wouldn't mind helping a brother out? I'm in the process of putting down ~650 sqft of prefinished RO hardwood floors to cover the whole upstairs of my house. I figured out how exactly I want to do the bull nose part at the top of the stairs. I want...
  17. chris99z71

    Possible Wood Sale

    I'd be interested in some hard maple. Any idea what kind of prices we're talking...ballpark?
  18. chris99z71

    JSR Woodworking - Cabinetmaking class

    I can personally vouch for the quality of this class! John's technique for making cabinets is simple and rock solid. Totally worth the time+$ if you've ever wanted to make a cabinet.
  19. chris99z71

    Lowes 10% off coupon

    Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks Bruce! link

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