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    Altendorf saw questions

    This is for the person that sent me questions about my Altendorf saw. I received them and answered but can't find in my notifications or emails anywhere. I don't know if you got my response. I don't want you to think I ignored you. If you did not, please call or email @ 828-228-8072 or email @...
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    Opportunity to sell your wares

    I would like to present an opportunity for you craftsman to sell your wares. I have opened up a showroom at 1806 north business Hwy 16 in Denver NC. This is on the west side of Lake Norman. It is open 6 days a week. If you have wanted to sell your furniture, cutting boards or turnings etc in a...
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    Grove Park Inn arts and crafts

    Went to the Grove Park Inn Arts and Crafts exposition this weekend. Well worth the trip. Inn is amazing as well as the displays. Maybe a little smaller than I expected for a national show but no dissapointment. Our own Greg Poalini was displaying some really nice stuff. Got a chance to talk...
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    Resorcinol glue

    I built some cabinets, hatches and doors for a yacht a few years ago and used resorcinol glue for the teak with good results. Have another teak job but can't find resorcinol glue. DAP no longer manufactures and can't find any others. Anyone know of a supplier or an alternative they've used...
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    Latest work

    Recently completed cabinet for doll display in home (never saw dolls must be expensive dolls) Finised with white pigmented CV, glaze and clear CV. 9' wide x 8' tall.
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    Circular sawmill blade

    Possibly question for Scott or Kyle. Would like to find old 36-48" circular sawmill blade for front of shop as decoration. Older, rustier, cheaper the better. Preferably in Lake Norman area but will consider ship. Thanks Robb
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    Saving huge!

    Well not what you think. Would like to thank Greg Bender (aka woodman2k) for hooking up a remote switch at my sliding saw for the dust collector! Will save me from walking 30' to the collector to turn on. He made the wiring look easy, but the wire pull through the conduit I ran not so easy...
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    Slow business, built some furniture

    Business is slow so I decided to build some furniture for sale. Not sure how it's going to work out. Here's my first piece. Cherry veneer and solids with 12 step lacquer finish. Photos tough to get especially finish. Comments welcome both on piece and decision to build pieces for sale.
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    Old gloat

    Got new table saw a few months ago. Love accuracy, scoring blade, and 10' slide. Thanks for looking. Robb
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    Log in

    Curious why I don't stay logged in anymore? When I come back to site i always log in. Never had to before. Something I'm doing or has site changed. Thanks Robb
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    Full fill finish

    Anyone done a full fill finish on red oak plain cut or have a technique? Interested in products and techniques used. Thanks Robb
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    Finishing seminar

    I've had a second person recently ask about my finishes. (Greg-woodman2k it was great to meet you in my shop.) If there was enough interest I'd be interested in setting something up. I'm in Sherrills Ford, Catawba County on Lake Norman. We have a small shop with the finishing area set up with...
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    Finished project

    Posted this awhile back, guess the comments were generally "wow thats big". Here is the finished project. Plained sliced red oak veneer, plain cut solids. Kinda Craftsman style with Greene and Greene influences and Praire style doors that...
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    Couldn't resist (gloat)

    Went to auction at an engine builder's shop, Didn't know a thing about what was for sale machinery wise (there's a reason I work wood not metal) But this was in the corner of the shop and no one bid on it. Except me, can you say stole it. Online this went fairly cheap (no inexpensive is...
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    You asked, can't do it

    Well, when I introduced myself, you asked for pictures. I was only able to get a couple to load to furniture galleries and a couple to the shop gallery. :eusa_dancHaven't figured how to get them to post here though.:BangHead: I'm a better carpenter than computer jockey! Thanks for the FAQ Monty...
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    Carolinas Woodworking Expo

    Think I saw another thread but can't find it. If you register online before 2/1 you can get a free pass by using my code PC1. I think it will work for you. Use "register online tab" under "Guest" tab and fill out. You should recieve an email confirmation w/ free registration. If you have issues...
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    Never introduced myself

    Been lurking around for sometime, but guess I never introduced myself. I'm Robb Parker and I moved to Sherrills Ford 5 years ago. I built a house and a shop behind. Born and raised in Memphis but got lost in the Manhattan area for 25+- years. Glad to back in the South! I own Heritage...

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