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    Furniture grade bar stools

    Beautiful! Thanks, great lesson.
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    Swedes find 'world's oldest tree'

    Makes me feel young again!
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    Amazing talent - Old Money

    Thanks for the sharing the link, Randall Rosenthal is a talent!
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    Comment by 'mightyscott' in media 'Federal Style Bow Front Table'

    My wife wants to marry you! Stunning!
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    Comment by 'mightyscott' in media 'Maple Toy Box'

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. It's beatiful! Your really gonna let the kids put toys in it?
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    Lumber yards are Closed on the Weekends!

    Thanks for your help. I did call Kyle, he seemed very helpful. He's checking his inventory and will call on Monday. I'm looking for 190 bf of cherry, much of it 4/4. Would Rick DiNardo of Mooresville carry this?
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    Lumber yards are Closed on the Weekends!

    I drew my plans, made my wood list and went shopping today - Saturday. I unfortunately decided to drive to each of these lumber yards only to find they are all closed on Saturday and Sunday!!!! I'm posting this to save other Newbies time!!!! All these are in the Charlotte area and closed on...
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    15% off Jet & Powermatic, $50 rebate on DeWalt735x

    Woodcraft is have a sale March 9 - March 18: 15% on select Jet and Powermatic machinery. March 4 - March 30 there is a $50 rebate on the DeWalt DW735x planer and the DeWalt DW788 20"scrollsaw. You may call to order the DeWalt and will receive the rebate, 1-800-225-1153. March 2 and 3there...
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    Novice with Refined Interests

    Boiler UP! While personally not a Boiler, financially I am - both of my sons are Purdue Grads as well as one of my daughter-in-laws. The other daughter-in-law is a Fighting Illini, but we love her anyway. So family wise, Go Big Ten, twelve strong!!!!!
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    Emory Boards for tight spots

    My wife was refinishing a maghony bench that had been painted. She used emory boards that she bought at the dollar store to get into tight spots. Worked Great!
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    IF you are a Duke Power Customer in NC...

    Thanks, we'll order ours today!
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    Novice with Refined Interests

    I've always dabbled with wood. Mostly construction of arbors, gazebos, bookshelves, closet organizers...... Now that I'm retired I want to make furniture. Having taken a course in Basic Woodworking I find I need a bandsaw, a planer, a router table and a jointer! I'll have to figure out if I...
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    Someday i want to build some furniture.

    I am planning to make a double bunkbed with two trundles for my Grandchildren. I 'm worried about the wheels of the trundle needing to be lifted on to the carpet. Perhaps I should put a 3/4' plywood under the trundle so it will slide onto the carpet. If I do will I have to lift the trundle...
  14. Poppy's Helper's Workbench

    Poppy's Helper's Workbench

    Grandson's Workbench next to mine

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