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  1. cloudancer

    Just posted photos of my Dad's tools

    Very nice stealth gloat... Maybe we need a gloat section of the board so we have fair warning? :eusa_thin
  2. cloudancer

    A shedua box....

    Just for the record. I hate gilmer:eusa_liar, I have wasted more time on that site:crybaby2:. But should you like to look at gorgous woods I won't stop you, just don't claim you were not warned :eusa_naug.
  3. cloudancer

    Usergroups - TWA

    Bahh, that one of the joys of being a parent:icon_thum.
  4. cloudancer

    Bladeburner - Have question?

    I used mine as a makeshift table (with plywood on it) for quite a while. Just cut it up a month or so ago. I might have been tempted to try something like that but one corner of it was all smashed up in shipping:?:.... I really don't want to know what happened that would have done that much...
  5. cloudancer

    Chisel Definitions

    Thanks for the link, a little tool porn always helps :-D, and I might have learned something too. Chris, I think he was talking about chrome-vanadium steel rather than chrome coating. I don't know much about steel, but I would suspect that it may not be the same thing as the carbon steel (or...
  6. cloudancer

    NEW Extreme Bessy Deal at Amazon

    That link didn't get the deal for me but when I did a search (50" k-body) it did come up. -Greg
  7. cloudancer

    Extreme Bessey Deal

    Amazon changed the page so its now back to regular price. Too bad, that was a really good deal.
  8. cloudancer

    Turning pens for the armed forces 11/19-20

    Sounds like a nice event. I hope they get good attendance.
  9. cloudancer

    Woodcraft $5 Router Bit Special Again

    Nice price :)
  10. cloudancer

    quick kick swith for DW TS

    Ok, I think I figured it out ... (the little hook). I've thought about building something similar for my saw, but haven't got there yet.
  11. cloudancer

    I guess I should do this too

    Steve, Now why would you ever say that?:eusa_thin Scott, Welcome to the site. Please post pictures of your shop if you have them, I'm still trying to figure out how to make mine work mulitple hobbies and would love to get some more inspiration. Glad to have you aboard :).
  12. cloudancer

    From Mtns. of Western NC

    Welcome on board :saw:, and I hope you enjoy your stay :).
  13. cloudancer

    quick kick swith for DW TS

    I'm not familiar with that saw's switch, but doesn't that cover the on part?
  14. cloudancer

    New guy

    I have to nominate that for best post of the day :rolf:
  15. cloudancer

    Small diameter drill bit problems

    Humm.... now that we've good and hijacked another thread :). I honestly think the biggest problem with getting together is organization... maybe on my part ;). Besides I have to meet some folks on here soon, if for no other reason than to prove I'm not a virtual person (0 for 2 so far on...
  16. cloudancer

    Small diameter drill bit problems

    Sharpening class at Dave's place !!! Actually I could really go for that if you feel like making a general offer. (I know I haven't posted on the skills page, but I feel bad posting with nothing to offer except beer)
  17. cloudancer

    Small diameter drill bit problems

    There are directions in the sharpening book I have. It didn't look hard, but I haven't tried it. Next time your someplace that has woodowrking books look in a dedicated sharpening one. I'm sure someone here could give you directions, but the pics would help. Of course new bits would work...
  18. cloudancer

    Radial arm saw motor

    Potentially, but i might be fun to watch:jealous:
  19. cloudancer

    New guy

    Hey and welcome to the board. :saw: We are always glad to hear from new folks and maybe some of us are still capable of learning a trick or two. Heck DaveO, I and a few other folks are looking to get ride of the whole "mistake making" talent. It sounds like Steve just declared war :bbadgrin...
  20. cloudancer


    Mine too. As of late there are so many folks jumping on topics by the time I get to it I don't have anything to add :). Good summary btw

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