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  1. chris99z71

    Appalachia Service Project - help needed!

    I'm seeking some help for an organization that I'm involved with, but first I'd like to make a few disclaimers: I'm not profiting from this. Although the organization is run through a church, it is not to benefit the church per se (keep reading to see what I mean). If this is posted in the wrong...
  2. chris99z71

    Window seat for my daughter's dormer

    Here is a link to the pintrest site that I made: Here are the pictures: The 4" piece of PVC on the bottom of the toy box slides between the two guide rails screwed to the floor. The casters, on both sides of the opening under...
  3. chris99z71

    Need help planing some rough cherry

    So I know that I've been inactive on NCWW for quite some time now - what can I say - "life happens". Anyway, I'm trying to get back into woodworking now that my kids are getting a little older. I'm trying to build my wife a new vanity cabinet for our bathroom and I need to plan about 10 pieces...
  4. chris99z71

    Delta 17-911 1/2-in x 1/2-in Professional Mortising Chisel and Bit Set - $19.99

    I don't have a mortising machine, but this seems to be too good of a deal not to share with those who do. I don't think that their "regular price" of $64.99 is realistic, but $20 seems to be a good deal...
  5. chris99z71

    Anybody in the Ral area w/ a plug cutter?

    Anybody in the Ral area w/ a plug cutter who wouldn't mind helping a brother out? I'm in the process of putting down ~650 sqft of prefinished RO hardwood floors to cover the whole upstairs of my house. I figured out how exactly I want to do the bull nose part at the top of the stairs. I want...
  6. chris99z71

    Bosch PS20-2 pocket driver for $95.19!

    I think this is an all time low price: Amazon Link Plus, use it with the offer JackLeg refers to in this thread, and get a second PS20 (sans batteries and charger) for free As an aside, use frozenwarrior to check the price history on Amazon items to see if they're truely good deals or not....
  7. chris99z71

    Align-It® system for $40 (reg $80)

    This looks like THE sweet setup for table saw alignment. A-Line-It Basic System The A-Line-It Basic was selected as the "Top Value" in the WOOD Magazine article that compared woodworking machine alignment tools. • The perfect tool alignment sytem...
  8. chris99z71

    HVAC repair in Raleigh?

    Does anyone work in building HVAC repair? I'm now in business with a friend who owns 22 rental units. I'm taking on all of the repair/maintanence. I'm in pretty good shape between what I can do myself and the friends that I have who work in various trades...except for HVAC. Any...
  9. chris99z71


    For the past week I've been delinquent in my duties. I got a chance to read over my assigned forums and appreciate everyone who has chimed in to make sure that posts don't go without response. I expect to be in about the same situation for about the next month :( I FINALLY got hire by a fire...
  10. chris99z71

    Ryobi JS550K Jigsaw - Reviews?

    So a friend gave me a Black and Decker jigsaw after helping him do a little remodeling in his kitchen. After inspecting it, I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to be satisfied with it in the long run. Now I'm trying to decide which of Home Depot's jigsaw models I should buy for the upgrade. I...
  11. chris99z71

    Delta T2 Fence?

    Can anybody tell me if this fence is worth a squat? I have a good friend who wa given a Craftsman contractor's style saw. It's descent- full size cast table with two cast iron "web" style wings, belt driven. It has no fence with it. I'm thinking that this may be the cat's meow for his situation...
  12. chris99z71

    Harbor Freight Bins $5.99/20pk

    I know that several members have these: Normal price = $11.99 POLY BINS & RAILS Ideal for storing nuts, bolts, and small parts. Includes 20 molded mount bins with five wall mount brackets (without nails). Reinforcement fingers point down so top creates a lip for bins to hang on. Bin size...
  13. chris99z71

    Welcome back, Al!

    My good friend Al (OriginalChong) is back from 2 months of officer candidacy school! :eusa_clap
  14. chris99z71

    Mobile base gloat

    So I'm the proud owner of a Bernhard brand, model A, serial #0001 Unisaw mobile base. I made the drive up to Bernhard's very impressive shop and house on Sunday and he was kind enough to cut the miters on his horizontal band saw and weld up the corners for me! This week I've been able to grind...
  15. chris99z71

    Granite slab scraps

    Anybody want some granite for sharpening? Looks like mostly sink cut outs in the first batch for $35. The other batch is a bit larger pieces for $65. In Raleigh. @@@@ granite @@@@
  16. chris99z71

    Any welders out there?

    I'm making a new mobile base for my saw. I need roughly 4 linear feet of welding done on the corners of the base. They're 45° miters in 4" x 6" x 1/4" steel. I can show up at your place with the miters already cut and the material all cleaned up. I'll gladly replace/reimburse you for any...
  17. chris99z71

    15% Off at Holbren through Saturday 2/11

    Just got this email: ******************************************************* We are moving our business to a new retail facility and rather than move the inventory, we would rather sell what we can. Now until midnight Sunday 2/11/2007 you can take 15% off any purchase except for the Holbren 24...
  18. chris99z71

    Cutting metal?

    There have been a few times when I've wanted to cut some metal and I've never had an easy way to do so. Check this out. Specifically, watch the video of it zipping through thick (relativelyl) steel plate! Speeds are compatible with a standard circ saw. Amazone has the 7.25" blade on sale...
  19. chris99z71

    15% off of all Bench Dog at Amazon

    Schweet 15% Off Bench Dog For a limited time, use claim code BENCHOFF at checkout to take 15% off your total purchase of award-winning, professional-grade Bench Dog router and saw accessories sold by See details (restrictions apply). › Shop all Bench Dog
  20. chris99z71

    Anybody want in on some 3/8 polycarbonate?

    See auction here. _______________________________________________________________ 80/20 Inc BRONZE Polycarbonate Panel, 29" Long x 18" Wide x .375" Thick. $14.50 each - 13pcs available Polycarbonate, otherwise known as "Lexan" or "Makrolon", is a high impact resistant material commonly used in...

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