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  1. cloudancer

    Mod feature request (email notifications)

    Can we get the text of post(s) and/or titles in the moderator notifications?
  2. cloudancer

    Woodcraft is having a sale in honor of my 100th post

    In case you missed it Woodcraft is having a sale this Oct 1-31. Bessy K-Body Clamps 40% off (see this thread Turning Tools 15-30% off Pen Kits 30% off Dust collection Hose 25% off Band Saw blades 25% off Handscrew clamps 30% I'm not...
  3. cloudancer

    Is there a difference between bessy 24 and 25" clamps (or 48/50")?

    This post: inspired me to wonder if its just silly marketing folks or if there is actually a difference?
  4. cloudancer

    A bumpy stick (don't look while eating)

    In an attempt to set a new low in craftsmanship on the forum (and mostly because I promised DaveO) here is my first ever attempt at turning: It's what's left of a scrap 2x4 that I cut down to 1.5x1.5 then hacked at with a roughing gouge. Now that I've gone and posted the picture, I suppose...
  5. cloudancer

    I hate something about doing intros...

    Not sure what it is, maybe being lazy *likely* or maybe its some deep rooted, psychological problem :-\". Anyway I'm going to break down, stop complaining and put something up. I'm 31 and live in South Durham, you know that big new mall? I'm close enough that I get light pollution from it at...
  6. cloudancer

    looking for a handle

    3/8" racheting handles (I think its 16 tpi) in RTP? Normally Woodcraft carries them, but they are out when we were there last. I've tried Lowes, Home Despot, and Klingspor's Woodworking Shop. I can order it online, but it seems silly to pay $5 shipping for a $4 part. Unfortunatly the gas from...

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