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    Klingspor Show and NCWW Gathering '06

    I went on Friday. The show was great but I especially enjoyed John's class on free hand router inlay. He made it look so easy I might actually try it my self. Ken
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    New Administrator

    Welcome Steve I'll try not to give you too much trouble. :-P Ken
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    T track

    Hi Robert A big howdy and welcome to NC Woodworker! Sorry to say I don't anything to contribute to your search, but glad to have you aboard. I know you will enjoy and maybe even learn from the bunch that haunt this place. Ken
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    Lending library?

    Steve I was thinking of it as a central library. Then the librarian could be paid in advance that way and send things out at the user's expense. If it was as Phillip suggests it would be just person to person and would of course be between them. In any case it is a terrific idea and I can't...
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    Lending library?

    Steve You can do this with Paypal, if you don't mind signing up for it. My wife says that it doesn't have to cost you anything as long as you stay away from credit cards and even then you could just price that in. Ken
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    Extravaganza Get Together -Who's Coming For Sure

    Maybe I can rub your belly when we finally get to meet, Insomniac?:roll: :lol: Ken
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    Extravaganza Get Together -Who's Coming For Sure

    I hate to miss meeting you guys. I am going Friday and have to head home after lunch.:-( Maybe next time. Ken
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    Happy B-day Steve

    Happy birthday Steve, and a big thank you for all you do here. Ken
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    Carolina Heirlooms web site

    Fabulous craftsmanship and timeless designs how can you go wrong? Looks great to me! Ken
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    Drywall or OSB?

    John Sounds like a cool system, but I am already way over my budget. You are making me jealous, I have seen the stuff you are talking about, and it even looks fabulous. I look forward to meeting you and hopefully seeing your shop. Ken
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    Drywall or OSB?

    Hi Hammer Toe Great bunch here I think you will enjoy your time spent on this site. Now that my wiring and insulation is done I am forced to make a decision, and I guess it will be drywall and French cleats, but now way I can an old coot like me do 12' sheets by myself. You must be a big...
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    Drywall or OSB?

    Sapwood Good tip on the screws, I'll keep that in mind. Then I could add DC hose or what ever behind the wall. Big Mike That is a really clever way of using the cleat idea. Thanks to all. This is a great help. Ken
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    Drywall or OSB?

    Rick That's a really fabulous idea! I might very well use that. I think that's what they call a French cleat. It would be perfect for over drywall, and cheap too. Thanks Ken
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    Drywall or OSB?

    Insomniac, Rick & Mike Thanks for your input. Wood panels of about any kind cost more than drywall, but to hang a lot of stuff up on drywall I guess I'd have to add wood of some kind anyway which would of corse bring the cost up. I never thought of painting the walls white to brighten up the...
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    Drywall or OSB?

    I just assumed that I would put up drywall in my shop when I finish the insulation, but I see from the gallerys here that some of you use OSB. What are the pros and cons? I would appreciate your comments. Ken
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    Comment by 'Ken Couch' in media 'Putting up the trusses.'

    Brent Sorry. I didn't see your comment till now. They sure did. I just stayed out of the way, and they did a great job. Thanks for looking. Ken
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    Insomniac Thanks. It looks like the get together is going to be a biggy. Can't wait to meet you guys. Ken
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    Insomniac's shop [PICS]

    Those are a nice collection of planes you have in your beautiful cabinet. If I ever learn to use the one I have I'll have to get some more. That seems to be the mark of a true woodworker. Nice shop!! Ken
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    My next shop project...

    Me too. I bought that plan a while back but won't be able to start it for a while. At least till my new shop is done. I'll be watching your progress with intense interest. Go Insomniac Ken
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    Same here Dave. Is there a plan for a meeting point the show? Or should we just wear funny hats or something? Ken

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