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    Craftsman Hollow Chisel Mortiser $149 @ Sears or Kmart , prolly outta hurry on these if you want or need 1
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    Porter Cable 12 inch miter saw $89
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    CMT Dado sets as low as $35 @ Lowes , got another 10% with the USPS movers package but have seen it elsewhere for less
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    PC Router + free dovetail jig@Woodcraft , , plus there a $10 off coupon code on the website as well
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    Possible deal on Irwin Miter saw laser

    Irwin Miter Saw Laser Guide - $5 @ Lowe's - YMMV, Hve not confirmed in Ga. as of yet but intend to shortly, seem to be some in the Carolina's for sure,Go Tarheels ,Tommy
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    F-Style Bessey's 2-1/2 x 36 limited sale, $9.99

    Bessey F-Style 2-1/2'' x 36'' Clamp - Rockler Woodworking Tools , free ship over $25, not a bad deal IMO
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    Porter Cable 18v clearance

    Lowes down here and elsewhere are starting to clearance out there 18v drill driver/impact/flashlight kits ,I bought 2 at a Lowes here in Cartersville,Ga. for $35.80 a piece. Since I can't post pics here,go to BT3Central and you can see copys of the receipt and pics here , Porter Cable combo kit...
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    Home Depot clearancing Ryobi tools

    It hasn't hit the south that much yet,but a few good sources indicate the Ryobi 12 inch D.P and Planer in the 13 inch are going down into the $60 + $40 range and the Scroll saw even less. Might wanna check inventory and see whats going on. Just because it says 1 price in the store it might ring...
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    Ridgid Router Bushing Set on Clearance

    This set is on clearance down here in Atl and should be the same price up there for you guys as well. $9.98 was my price heres the link to the item as well as an inventory checker to find it. If you do not know you HD stores local number ,look in the pdf file in the site88 link I am providing...
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    Free Download

    Wasn't sure about where to post this so I'll post it here and the mods can move if necessary. Its a free download of Lonnie Birds Router book, here's the link, just need to give a name and e-mail address. You can prolly try a bogus address if you want to avoid spam ...
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    Possible Bosch Drill/Impact deal

    Apparently Lowes is clearancing out this model Bosch CLPK23-180 kit, Folks are claiming to be buying it for $31.84,Heres a copy of a receipt if it will help,Tommy, , good luck on this as its all about the store inventory and how well...
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    WoodworkerS Journal $5.99 YR @ Tanga

    Gotta be a member to get this price, no big deal easy signup, good decent rag for the money, price will adjust in checkout once signed up,
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    Ridgid Carbide 10 x 50 $21

    P/u a coupla these at a HD down here,They are being clearanced out with the 10 x 90 as well for $37.These are clearanced at $27,but if you have a HF nearby they'll take the 20% off with the coupon outta wood mag. Says made in Italy, might be a rebadged Freud or Avanti, and has a lifetime guarantee
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    Possible deal on Morris chair arms

    Least thats what they look like to me, Its in Hickory, N.C and theres some unfinished as well. Don't know what their made of but if they stay at that price ,Its a steal, ...
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    Lowes selling Steel City Power tools

    Considering the 10% off coupon these could be some good deals,The Contractors Tablesaw,Mortiser and Granite topped Bandsaw,
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    $1 shippin @ McFeelys today only

    Just for internet orders, , excludes LTL
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    Woodcraft Mag,$4.99 yr
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    Wood Mag. $3.99 yr

    If they ask for a code type in wood,I have used these folks before with no problems,
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    Display PC892 for $49 +tax

    OK heres the deal if you can find one still. One of the guys over at WN posted a copy of a receipt of the PC 892 that was a display model on that website. I checked around here in the Cartersville area and actually found 3. Long story short I copied his posted receipt and took it over to my...
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    Carrier Alert

    Too far away for me,but someone up in ya'lls neck o the woods might be interested,

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