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  1. GeorgeL

    Band Saw Blade Recommendations

    I am in the process of tuning up my 18" Steel City band saw. I am replacing all of the guide bearing and I am looking for recommendations on band saw blade brands and models and sizes. My saw is 137" and I am looking for general purpose blades. I already have a very good carbide tipped 1" resaw...
  2. GeorgeL

    Back in the Shop

    It's been a while since I've had an opportunity to visit NC Woodworker. Just wanted to poke my head in and say "hi!" GeorgeL
  3. GeorgeL

    Alex was on TV!!!!! UPDATE

    A reporter from WRAL, Scott Mason the Tar Heel Traveler, saw the article in the South Wake News about Alex's pen business. He thought it would make a good segment for his show. Scott and his camera crew were at the house this morning for...
  4. GeorgeL

    Laguna Driftmaster Fence $275 w/free shipping

    Recently there was a link on Amazon featuring the Laguna Driftmaster bandsaw fence for $275 with free Amazon prime shipping. I've been eying one of these for some time, but at $399 + shipping it was a bit too much for me. Unfortunately, by the time I went to order they were all gone. Well...
  5. GeorgeL

    UPDATED! An NC Woodworker Featured in Southwest Wake News

    Two weeks ago we received a phone call from the Southwest Wake News. They wanted to do a story on my son Alex and his pen business. The reporter came to the house and interviewed him last week and we are told the story will be featured in this weeks paper which comes out on Wednesday. For those...
  6. GeorgeL

    Parallel Clamp Sale

    Peachtree Woodworking Supply has a sale on their house brand 6" & 12" parallel clamps. They are about $11 each in sets of 4. UPS ground shipping is $7.50 for a set. George
  7. GeorgeL

    10" Jointer/Planer Combo for $420?

    Has anyone see this: Not bad for a small shop/budget. They have an 8" model as well George
  8. GeorgeL

    Check Out

    Hi Everyone, Over the past few months Alex and his mom have been working to build a website for Alex's business, Pens for College. They tried a few different site building options with various levels of success. Then a few weeks ago I saw a post by Sandy Rose mentioning Microsoft OfficeLive...
  9. GeorgeL

    Happy Birthday Windknot!

    :new_birth :new_birth :new_birth Happy Birthday Scott, have a GREAT day! :new_birth :new_birth :new_birth George
  10. GeorgeL

    Happy Birthday John_LA!

    :new_birth :new_birth :new_birth Happy Birthday John, have a GREAT day! :new_birth :new_birth :new_birth George
  11. GeorgeL

    Happy Birthday AndyBarnhart

    :new_birth :new_birth :new_birth :new_birth Happy Birthday Andy! Here's hoping you have a GREAT day! :new_birth :new_birth :new_birth :new_birth George
  12. GeorgeL

    Saw Stop on Time Warp

    Hey all, Did anyone catch Time Warp tonight? Steve Gass was on demoing the Saw Stop @ 20,000 frame per second ON HIS OWN FINGER. Too Cool!:icon_thum George
  13. GeorgeL

    School Project

    Hi all, Alex had a school project that I wanted to share with you. He made this video about pen making (with a twist). He shot and edited all the video himself, which was a rule of the project. Some of you may remember seeing Alex shooting video at Scott Smith's sawmill demo during the recent...
  14. GeorgeL

    Source for 6" PVC (ASTM 2729) - Again

    Does anyone know of a source in the Triangle area that carries 6" thin wall S&D PVC pipe? (ASTM 2729) I have seen ASTM 3035 at Lowes but at $33/10' that is more expensive than SCH 40. I've talked to the special order desk at both Lowes and Home Depot but they don't have a clue. It seems that I...
  15. GeorgeL

    Dust Collector Modifications

    In preparation for 6" ductwork I wanted to make a few modifications to my dust collector in an attempt to increase efficiency. I started with a PSI DC2000 This dust collector has a 6" inlet and I am currently using 4" flex hose and moving the hose from machine to machine. My first step...
  16. GeorgeL

    18" Gloat!

    The day has arrived, my Steel City 18" bandsaw is finally here! The saw actually arrived at the Raleigh woodcraft on Monday but the soonest I could arrange delivery was today. Woodcraft has an arrangement with Nick Coronado to move large equipment On the way to the shop... Almost...
  17. GeorgeL

    Opinions/Feedback Wanted

    Hi everyone, Below is a drawing of my current shop layout including a future outfeed table for the table saw. This was done with the Grizzly shop planner and edited in PhotoShop. I am working with K&B Duct on the layout of my dust collection system (thanks Doug!) and need to come up with...
  18. GeorgeL

    Where do you get your pen kits?

    Being new to pen turning Alex and I have been getting our kits from either WoodCraft or Klingspor's. The selection is usually limited and don't get me wrong they are nice kits but they are not "NICE" like some of the pens we've seen here. So, where do you get your pen its and why? Are there...
  19. GeorgeL

    First pens!

    Alex, my 11 year old, was busy on the lathe this weekend. Here are some shots of his first attempt at pen turning. Please give him your feedback. The first two are Bubinga the thrid is African Blackwood. George
  20. GeorgeL

    Raleigh WoodCraft Grand Re-Opening Sale

    The Raleigh WoodCraft had their grand re-opening sale yesterday and today (Feb 8th & 9th) Did you go? If so, what did you get? George

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