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  1. GeorgeL

    Band Saw Blade Recommendations

    Thank you everyone for your helpful feedback. From what I'm reading the Woodslicer is a dedicated resaw blade, correct? Not for cutting curves. How are the general purpose blades from Highland compared to the Lenox Diemaster from Woodcraft Bands?
  2. GeorgeL

    Band Saw Blade Recommendations

    I am in the process of tuning up my 18" Steel City band saw. I am replacing all of the guide bearing and I am looking for recommendations on band saw blade brands and models and sizes. My saw is 137" and I am looking for general purpose blades. I already have a very good carbide tipped 1" resaw...
  3. GeorgeL

    Back in the Shop

    It's been a while since I've had an opportunity to visit NC Woodworker. Just wanted to poke my head in and say "hi!" GeorgeL
  4. GeorgeL

    New update on Steve Coles

    Best wishes on Steve's recovery. He is in our prayers.
  5. GeorgeL

    Happy birthday GeorgeL

    I sure did! Took off early from work. Played in the pool with my wife and two sons. Then off to dinner at The Angus Barn. It doesn't get much better that that! :icon_thum George
  6. GeorgeL

    Happy birthday GeorgeL

    Thanks guys!
  7. GeorgeL

    Jatoba - how does it weather?

    I'm in the process of building a Jatoba deck. The portion you see here has been installed for about 6 weeks. Some boards checked, most did not. A few boards cupped, most did not. A lot depends on the type of fasteners used. The finish used is Messmer's UV Oil. This photo was take in the...
  8. Jatoba deck

    Jatoba deck

  9. GeorgeL

    Replacing deck boards

    Mike, Take a look at the Camo hidden deck fastening system. It is less expensive than the Kreg jig and does not require pre-drilling. George
  10. GeorgeL

    computer cleansing

    Robert, Doing it yourself is the best way to learn. This is by no means a complete step-by-step tutorial, but just a few things I've learned over the years. While your computer is still running: Backup, copy or move any file you wish to keep to a second hard drive. This includes documents...
  11. GeorgeL

    Happy Birthday GeorgeL

    Thanks all! For the first weekend in many months I am just taking it easy, relaxing and playing in the pool with the family. George
  12. GeorgeL

    Alex is my hero

    I can't wait to read it. There should be an article on Celtic knots in the same issue that Alex helped develop. George
  13. GeorgeL

    Good Subaru mechanic in Raleigh / Cary

    Trent, (After deleting my first, anti-AZ post :BangHead:) If you would like me to scan your vehicle for you give me a call in the morning and you can bring it by my shop. I'm in Raleigh just off Capital between Millbrook and Spring Forest. I can also point you in the right direction as far...
  14. GeorgeL

    Happy Birthday Douglas Robinson

    Happy birthday Doug! I hope you have a wonderful day! George
  15. GeorgeL

    New DeWalt Scroll Saw W/Light - $200 (Garner NC)

    Haven't heard back for the seller. Anyone know if this is still available? George
  16. GeorgeL

    New DeWalt Scroll Saw W/Light - $200 (Garner NC)

    Thanks for the heads-up. Alex has been wanting a scroll saw for some time. I sent the guy an email, we'll see if he contacts us. George
  17. GeorgeL

    First Pen

    Ken, I'm not a pen turner but I have disassembled MANY a pen using the HF punch set. To remove the transmission you must first remove the nib. To do this you must find the punch that fits through the hole in the trans but will not fit through the nib. When you find the right punch you will...
  18. GeorgeL

    CA Pen finish question

    Mike, You mention that you see open grain. Is this the whole pen or just patches? If you are seeing round or oval patches, you sanded through the CA. More than likely because the pen barrel is slightly out of round. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I watched Alex do 50+ CA finishes. He...
  19. GeorgeL

    OSS refurb- more exposure?

    Very cool! :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap Congratulations Alan!:thumbs_up George
  20. GeorgeL

    Hey from Fuquay Varina

    Hey John, Welcome to another Fuquay Varinian :eusa_thin Where about in Fuquay do you live? George

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