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    Rail and Stile Router bits

    I am in the market for my first set of rail and stile/raised panel router bits. I see a lot of difference in price from $53 for an off brand (Yanico) to over $200 for the name brands (Freud, Whiteside etc.). I have read the review but I am always skeptical about who is writing those. Looking...
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    bathroom fan ducting?

    I just did a master bathroom addition and had my final inspection last week. I bought a light, exhaust fan, heater combination from Broan. It isn't too loud and it is nice to have the extra heat in the winter. I ducted it to the soffit and it and it passed inspection just fine. Doing so...
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    Help with planer

    I recently bought about 44 bf of maple. I asked the company to skip plane it and wasn't really thinking. I need help to plan some of it, about 10 bf or so down from 7/8 to 3/4. Anybody know of a shop between New Bern and Wilmington that I can pay to help me out?
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    Finishing Curly Walnut

    I recently picked up some beautiful curly walnut from Anchor Hardwoods in Wilmington. I am going to make a humidor for a wedding gift. I am trying to get everything together that I need to finish the humidor and I a want to pop the grain. A lot of people say that to pop the grain in maple use...
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    Clear, durable finish for sycamore bookcase?

    I think all should withhold any insights until we see some pictures. Sounds beautiful.
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    Bathroom Addition

    Above you will find a drawing of my house and the issues I am considering. I'd like the have to build only 1 solid foundation wall as shown as I am concerned that I have to do two walls (I am assuming I won't need a foundation for the porch as it already has one and I just tie into it) one of...
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    Bathroom Addition

    My wife and I are considering a bathroom addition that would be about 10'x10'. It would be right next to the master bedroom and would also butt up against a porch. The mast bedroom is on a traditional foundation and the porch is on cinder block pilings. In the interest of saving money I am...
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    Portable saw mills

    Oh yes, I have checked it. There are a few people around here and I did business with someone near Bath, NC. I forget the name but we had a great time touring the farm and seeing all the stacks of wood drying. I'd love to go back, however, I need a planer and jointer first.
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    Portable saw mills

    I don't have an answer to your question but if you do get one please let me know as I am looking for a source of lumber that is closer to me than Wilmington. I live near Jacksonville.
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    The Next Project...really Completed !!!!

    Beautiful. Well done!
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    Carolina Woodworking Shop

    Have any of you purchased anything from the Carolina Woodworking shop out of Graham? I wondered what their reputation if their products are new or used?
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    Buffalo 20" Planer

    Finally!! I am in a position where I can afford a planer and a jointer. I'd like one that will last and will also fit my needs so I'm think about a 20" planer. I'm a hobiest and don't ever plan on doing wood working as a full time job. I have several questions: 1) Do I need a 20" planer? I'm...
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    Hard maple

    I can usually get between 5-10% off at Anchor Hardwoods in Wilmington when I mention this group. I also know they have a store somewhere in Raleigh, but I have never been to it so I don't know if they have the same policies.
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    electrician in Wake Forest

    Well I made a run from my house to a garage of about 125'. I got an electrician to estimate the run and it was in the thousands of dollars to bury to cable. I decided to make the run on my own. I did, however, have room in my panel. I would say that is the biggest problem. As far as the...
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    electrician in Wake Forest

    How far is your run from the panel in the house to the shed? Are you going to bury the power wire?
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    It is Goodwill lathe time

    I would be interested in this also. Don't have a lathe and have recently become interested in turning.
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    I hate drawer slides

    I ended up getting some bees wax and rubbed that on the runners I installed. The drawer slide like a dream. Part of the case construction called for a "drawer seperater" which is really a piece of 3/4 ply between each drawer pocket (clients request, I think its waste.) So to stop the drawer...
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    Cedar blanket chest redone

    Looks great. What did you do to strip it?

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