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  1. Brian Patterson

    Just Plane Fun

    Picked these little guys up at a vintage store I frequent and they will be welcome additions to the current collection. The bead moulding plane is a Tucker of London ($12) and the tiny Hobbies brand hand plane ($2) are from England. The block plane is a ‘110’ ($10), which I know nothing about...
  2. Brian Patterson

    Help! Need Joint Glue Clamp Advice

    I cannot seem to determine the best way to clamp this mitered table end for a nice, snug fit at the joint. Anybody here know the secret? The top is already finished and the bottom is sealed. Thanks in advance for the genius who can tell me what to do!
  3. Brian Patterson

    A One Week Project

    Nothing to brag about - just another fairly quick little piece that comes from the benefit of doing multiple versions. A simple Black Walnut coffee table or bench, whatever you would wish to use it for. Simple trestle construction with just a stretcher between the legs - no intermediate...
  4. Brian Patterson

    Antique Planes and Marking Gauge

    Found these today in a local antique shop - all for 20% off their prices. Total cost was just $61 OTD. The marking gauge looks like it’s made of ebony(?)...
  5. Brian Patterson

    Refinished Trim Carpenter's Toolbox

    Found this on our local CL and picked it up for ten bucks - belonged to the son of the carpenter and was covered in brown paint. Stripped it and refinished with Formsby's Tung Oil - there was metal trim on all the edges but it added a good bit of weight so I left most of it off. It's 32" long...
  6. Brian Patterson

    Shaker Inspired Clock

    As my fourth clock, I chose to make a simplified Shaker style wall clock that is the top part of a larger original design. Solid Cherry with a two-tone Pine back, it is super simple. Used a Gold Coin reversed matte from Hobby Lobby to substitute for the traditional metal matte.
  7. Brian Patterson

    Tennessee Woodworker

    Hi all, Found this fine forum and have signed up to get all the inspiration I can glean. Very active site and much to read and absorb, so looking forward to a productive give and take. I live in the Knoxville area and have a garage-based shop with many tools on carts. Have made this a more...

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