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    Rail and Stile Router bits

    I am in the market for my first set of rail and stile/raised panel router bits. I see a lot of difference in price from $53 for an off brand (Yanico) to over $200 for the name brands (Freud, Whiteside etc.). I have read the review but I am always skeptical about who is writing those. Looking...
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    Help with planer

    I recently bought about 44 bf of maple. I asked the company to skip plane it and wasn't really thinking. I need help to plan some of it, about 10 bf or so down from 7/8 to 3/4. Anybody know of a shop between New Bern and Wilmington that I can pay to help me out?
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    Finishing Curly Walnut

    I recently picked up some beautiful curly walnut from Anchor Hardwoods in Wilmington. I am going to make a humidor for a wedding gift. I am trying to get everything together that I need to finish the humidor and I a want to pop the grain. A lot of people say that to pop the grain in maple use...
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    Bathroom Addition

    My wife and I are considering a bathroom addition that would be about 10'x10'. It would be right next to the master bedroom and would also butt up against a porch. The mast bedroom is on a traditional foundation and the porch is on cinder block pilings. In the interest of saving money I am...
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    Carolina Woodworking Shop

    Have any of you purchased anything from the Carolina Woodworking shop out of Graham? I wondered what their reputation if their products are new or used?
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    Buffalo 20" Planer

    Finally!! I am in a position where I can afford a planer and a jointer. I'd like one that will last and will also fit my needs so I'm think about a 20" planer. I'm a hobiest and don't ever plan on doing wood working as a full time job. I have several questions: 1) Do I need a 20" planer? I'm...
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    I hate drawer slides

    I am about the install center undermount drawer slides for a dresser. I always try to avoid projects with drawers as I hate installing the slides. Any advice that you all can provide before I get started would be much appreciated. Thans
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    How to finish a dresser

    I am working on a dresser and am ready to start finishing it. The only concern is that the wood not catch on the clothing. So the biggest question is, what would you use to finish it?
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    INCRA LS 17 System

    Business is picking up for me, which is really nice and I am in the market for something that can help me with box joints and dovetail joints. I am new to those joints, and don't really like building homemade jigs so the INCRA LS 17 System caught my eye after reading and watching the INCRA Ibox...
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    What have you given as a wedding gift?

    So my friend just got engaged. I'd like to make him something as a wedding gift. What have you made for wedding gifts?
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    IRS Auctions

    For any of you that have bought something on IRS auctions: 1) Is the $1 fee to check your background legitimate? 2) When you buy something how did you arrange to have it picked up and delivered to your place?
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    Rounded legs on Coffee Table

    I have a commission for the piece found on this website: I am not real sure about how to make the rounded legs without a lathe (which I don't have). I can do the curve to them with a jig saw, I hope. Any ideas would be helpful.
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    Shop Time Needed

    I am in need of some help planing and jointing about 20 bf of oak. I am in Swansboro and would like some help from someone around here. I understand that there may be a charge and I am prepared for that. If any of you know where I can find some help, please let me know.
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    Table Saw Fence Suggestions

    I have a 10" Craftsman Contractor Table Saw seen here: I am so frustrated with the fence as it never seem to be parallel to the blade. I...
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    Quarter Sawn vs. Other kinds of "sawn" wood?

    I hear the term quarter sawn a lot on these forums. What exactly does that mean and how is it better or worse than other kinds of "sawns"?
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    Saw Mill Needed...Maybe

    I have a friend that is clearing some land between Pittsboro and Chapel Hill. He has about 8-10 oaks he has cut down that are about 20-30" in diameter at the base. Anybody have any idea how much it would cost me to get a saw mill there to mill that wood? I assume they charge per house or per...
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    Grizzly 1018

    Found a CL add for a Grizzly 1018 jointer. It is 5 years old and the guy says that is has less than 1 hour of run time. He is comparing it to a Grizzly G0490. He wants $500.00. I am more at $450.00. Am I being unreasonable?
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    Grizzly Jointer Help

    I have found a grizzly G1018 8" jointer about which I have a few questions. 1) It is 5 years old and is listed at $600.00 do you think it is a fair offer? 2) Do any of you have experience with this jointer? Any help or advice would be appreciated. This would be my 1st jointer.
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    Building Permits Received

    Hooray, I got my building permits today for a shop I'm going to build. It is going to a 24x24 1 or 1.5 story building (could use some suggestions on this, different between 1 story and 1.5 story is about $2,000) on a cement slab that has 16" wide footers that are 18" high and a 4" slab. If...
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    Two sheds for free

    I have two sheds that I need to come down. 1 is 21x25, it is not in great shape, but you could get some salvage from it. The other is 12x12. This is in really good shape. Both are free, just want them down and the concrete slabs removed, but we can discuss that. Send me a PM if interested.

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