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    Rolling Workbench - yes or no?

    I did all mine on casters and have been very happy with the ability to move them around and re-arrange the space for different projects. Sometimes there is some slipping /imbalance on the casters on my wavy concrete pad..but thats the concretes fault-not the casters :) The lift and drop style...
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    A "Quiet" vacuum?

    I have a Jet650 CFM collector and find it to be ALOT quieter than my ridgid shopvac. though more expensive than a shop vac-they have been coming down in price ..a 650CFM unit is about $350. At some point, I need to get the hoses/attachments for the Jet so i dont have to use my shopvac anymore...
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    Straight Edge?

    I have one of these in the 5 or 6 ft version. I've been pretty displeased with it...on paper it looks like a good idea, but the clamping mechanism on mine is wonky and doesnt hold the line when any side pressure is exerted on the guide. Not sure if I got a dud, or the product itself isnt that...
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    I’ve heard of this guy ...

    Here was my approach. The little stick of wood holds the jig in place against the table as longer boards are passed by. Once the board end is past the stick, the stick flips down and becomes the board pusher and the jig is slid/guided by the fence. b
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    2021 Raffle Info

    Sorry- I didnt see it- are the prizes listed somewhere? b
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    Digital calipers that are not crap?

    I use a Wixey WR100. It does down to 1/64 fractions which is more than enough for my ability level :) Had it at-least 6 months now without a battery change. It is probably used once or twice per day for a gut check on something. b
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    I've been at it for about a year now-filling out that space under my home. I'm not exactly sure what brought me into it...something tangible for me, compared to the work I do I guess. Thanks for the compliments on the work ! b
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    New member today - been practicing woodworking for a little over a year now. 1. What are you working on? Nine Man Morris board game 2. What have you most recently completed? Cherry/Walnut Tissue box covers Post a picture or video of your shop. 3.Why did you get into woodworking? I had an empty...
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    Exposing Ply to the Elements

    Drum sand the edges smooth and apply a marine epoxy. You have to harden that smooshy stuff in between the plys to prevent fast water infiltration and delam from expansion. You may be able to use the marine epoxy directly as the bond layer for any edge strips you may want to attach to the edges...

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