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    Downsizing my shop selling some equipment

    Sorry. I’m in Greensboro. They are robust.
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    Downsizing my shop selling some equipment

    After a 30 year+ run I'm ready to slow down but not quit. I'm selling equipment to fund building a studio at home. The following are for sale: 36" bandsaw, MiniMax L55 stoke sander, Delta Unisaw, SCMI R8 overhead router, and an edge sander. All have 3 phase motors. If interested I can be reached...
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    Name That Item and what they are used for.

    Are they lace bobbins?
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    Hello From Greensboro

    Mother of pearl dots.
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    Hello From Greensboro

    I'm Mike in Greensboro. Stumbled on this site while doing a search. It looks interesting with lots of friendly people. I have 35 years under my belt. I started out producing for other furniture companies with the occational custom job. With the full impact of NAFTA and GAP my cheese was moved...

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