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  1. Jclrk

    Miter saw

    Has any one tried the dust collection bags for there miter saw? I was just going to build a hood with big gulp in back since my miter saw is at the end of my work table. What do you guts have?
  2. Jclrk

    Dado vs router

    If I have a good router table is there a need for a dado stack?
  3. Jclrk

    1st box

    Finished my 1st jewelry box
  4. Jclrk

    Lost key

    Have a woodsmith aluminum box joint fence lost key and screw these are no longer made any ideas on a replacement
  5. Jclrk

    Trucker route

    Headed down 95 to 40 to 85 towards Charlotte if any one needs something small delivered to Charlotte area tonight. Tgought I'd offer can't wait long must be a grab and go thing. I could post this every couple weeks with my route when I'm headed home if you guys need I usually don't know route...
  6. Jclrk

    Found on market place
  7. Jclrk

    Model identification

    Can some one identify this model number
  8. Jclrk

    Great people

    I'm a new member as well as a new wood worker. Everyone I've met here has been super nice and knowledgeable. Every great once in a while you met a person who is top shelf. Tonight I've met such a person. I met Redknife tonight. His kindness and willingness to help a newbie is an example I hope...
  9. Jclrk

    Frustrating joints

    Has anyone else ever used this system it's frustrating the heck our of me. My joints keep coming our ro tight. Ive watched the video arteaat 25 time even took it to an experienced woosworker and he had trials. My joints below arw just ugly lol.
  10. Jclrk

    Router table fence (GONE)

    Rockler router table fence with dust port $100
  11. Jclrk

    Wtb Accurite

    Wanting to buy accurite circle jig and log mill sled
  12. Jclrk

    Dust collection hose

    Still new in box $75
  13. Jclrk

    Grizzley drum sander (GONE)

    Not mine trying to help a young couple out moving trying to sell some tools $275 in huntersville NC 585 307 8611
  14. Jclrk

    Drill press

    Not mine trying to help a young couple out moving trying to sell some tools $300 in huntersville NC 585 307 8611
  15. Jclrk

    Router book

    Joe Scharle your name was dropped as the router guru. I'm new to wood working and would like a recommendation on a good starter book for box joints. Bought mlcs joinery templates and can't seem to get it down. Watched tons of youtue videos now referred to you. Any book suggestions?
  16. Jclrk

    Grizzly finish nailer

    Finish nailer brand new in box never used trade for wood if any one is interested be home around 14th
  17. Jclrk

    Cedar beams (sold)

    I mainly do intarsia and small stuff.. I have some huge cedar beams id hate to hack up. Would make an awesome mantel. Would like to trade. For some other wood walnut cherry? If any one is interested I'll be home round the 13th.
  18. Jclrk

    Down stairs

    Shop project
  19. Jclrk

    Upstairs start to finish

  20. Jclrk

    New shop

    One year ago my sister inlaw ask us to remove an old she from her yard being thrifty my wife and I decided to re purpose it. Here it is start to finish of the outside. Torn down and reassembled 15 miles down the road piece by piece

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