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    Apple Country Woodcrafters

    My sister lives near asheville and is thinking of joining Apple Country. She has very limited experience with woodworking so she'll need some training. I'd love to get your thoughts - is this the right group? Any better suggestions? I am sure there is considerable membership overlap with...
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    I have worked with purpleheart quite a bit but and have tried a number of finishing methods. The "common wisdom" has been that purpleheart will darken to a plum color when finished but using UV resistant poly can slow the change. I recently got a couple of really nice dark boards and am once...
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    Bar Clamps

    I've been using my 20 year old pipe clamps for, well, 20 years with no problems but find that I need a few more. So I and am going to be acquiring a few new bar clamps and am would like to draw on the extensive experience in this forum. Is it worth it to get the Bessey steel clamps or are...
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    Hall Table

    I finally finished the hall table that my wife "commissioned" as the first project for my new shop. Curly maple and sapelle with a bloodwood accent stripe. She wanted a glossy finish - I lost count of the number of number of coats of poly and sandings but the top came out glass smooth. I...
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    Cutting Board Reconditioning

    I made a couple of cutting boards for my daughter a few years ago. I told her that if they got scratched up I could sand them down. She spent the last 4 years overseas and brought the boards "home". I've attached a before and after photos. I finally had to skim this one on the planer to get...
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    Local hardwood

    I recently moved back to NC after spending some time in New England. When I was here before I bought most of my wood at The Hardwood Store. I was surveying local places to acquire wood and it seems that Capital City Lumber has become more competitive with their pricing. I also discovered...

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