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    Free MLCS Mini Dovetail Jig

    I am cleaning up my small workshop area. Four years ago I bought this jig with the intention of making some small boxes. I cut out one joint and never went any further. Any member who can put it to good use is welcome to pick it up in the Columbia SC area. Jig includes 15" long template...
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    CNC Desktop Machines.....Worth Buying??

    For several years I have been intrigued by CNC routing, particularly when comparing my scroll saw Christmas ornaments with those done with CNC. A son-in-law and grandson just bought a large table CNC for their welding business which renewed my interest. I am looking for advice. I started doing...
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    Accurate cutting/filing/sanding a small area (hardwood)

    I am working on a craft project that requires accuracy I am finding hard to achieve. The attached piece shows a roughed out shape of a 3/4" piece of hardwood. The steps are 3/4x1/4x1/2". I hove found from experience that I cannot get an exact fit with a scroll saw so I have been cutting the...
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    Bosch RA1181 Router Table Top

    Bosch replaced the aluminum table top (not to be confused with the mounting plate) on my new RA1181 router table...........the top which came with the router has a slight bow. Bosch does not want the original table top back. If anyone is interested in picking it up in the Columbia SC area, I...
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    Dust Collection Hose Size

    I have a Dust Deputy hooked up to an old Craftsman shop vac and then to various power tools (table saw, sander, bandsaw and router). This is a 2 1/2" system. Would a 1 1/4" system do a better job collecting dust? Lowe's has a great buy this weekend on a Shop Vac with 1 1/4" or a Craftsman...
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    Can plywood be successfully butt glued?

    I have a small project (old pattern called a book house) I am making for grandchildren's school's annual fundraising The plan called for the back to be piece of 3/4" plywood approximately 13"x13". I have LOTS of plywood cutoffs courtesy of a local contractor's cabinetmaker but nothing the...
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    Dowels for Pull Toys

    I am just starting to make some pull toys for great grandchildren and need some 1/4" dowels. What I have seen locally in big box and craft stores looks questionable for toy axles. Online various species (pine, birch. oak, etc) are being sold in that size. What woods would be good choices?
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    Options for Drilling Perfect 90 Degree Holes

    I want to make some small boxes using little pin hinges from Lee Valley. I doubt my cheap HF drill press can accurately drill straight holes in thin wood. Other than spending more than $400 on a better drill press, what else can I do to install those hinges properly?
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    Looking for advice on cleaning up old 4 1/8" Craftsman Jointer/Planer

    A neighbor gave me a jointer/planer that was her father's. It probably hasn't been used for at least 15 years. Two questions: (1) What is a good way to clean up the cast iron bed? Sitting in a SC garage for 10 years hasn't help. (2) Is the belt a proprietary item or can I get generic one...
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    Best Way to Cut 4x4 Barn Timbers into 3" Pieces??

    Last year I volunteered to supply a charity (one of my sons works for it) in Winston-Salem with the bases for 25 awards given out annually. The bases are approximately 3.5"x3.5"x3". I traded a farmers market vendor some hardwood Christmas ornaments I made on my scrollsaw for 4 pieces of old...
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    Best Clamps for Edge Gluing

    I am going to edge glue some 2"-4"x24"x3/4" oak I have run through my little planer and jointed. I want to end up with stock 16" wide? What would be good clamps for the job? I like the looks (and reviews) of the Dubuque bar clamps but the shortest (24") seems like overkill.
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    Is Bosch Colt Usable with Porter Cable Dovetail Jig?

    I am still trying to expand use of a Bosch Colt trim router and would like to make some small boxes. I know I can cut dovetails with a scroll saw but that seems like a lot more work and (perhaps) not as accurate.
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    Porter Cable Deluxe Dovetail Jig 4212

    A new unopened PC jig is being advertised on the Winston-Salem Craigs List for $100.
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    Craftsman Jointer/Planer 113206931

    I have a bunch of wood I want to edge glue for my craft work. I just bought an old Craftsman jointer/planer with the idea I could joint my wood and sell the j/p for about what it cost me. One big problem: I don't know how to use it and the seller didn't have an owner's manual. Does anyone...
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    Edge Gluing Question

    I traded some collapsible baskets for five approximately 3"x3"x5' pieces of oak. I ripped the 3 straightest ones into 1"x3" boards and found I do not have a straight edge of any of the boards. I do not have a jointer. What is the simplest and safest way in this case to get good edges for...
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    Dewalt Pneumatic Brad Nailer

    Does anyone have experience with the pneumatic Dewalt brad nailer? I have had good luck with Dewalt tools in the past and noticed Amazon is selling the DW12231 brad nailer for around $60.
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    Where can I buy clear pine boards in the Columbia, SC area?

    In 8 years of woodcraft activity I have rarely purchases a piece of wood: dumpsters, woodyard scrap, home building sites, friends and even a swap have filled my needs and then some. I just bought Lowndes" Noah's Ark Puzzle patterns and want to make some ark puzzles for great grandchildren...
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    Bosch Colt Router Question

    I have never operated a router. For Christmas I got a Bosch PR20EVSK to use on craft projects. I make scroll saw collapsible baskets, scroll sawed bowls, trivets, boxes (recipe box, small bandsaw boxes), Christmas ornaments, etc. and an occasional whirligig for family members. I don't think I...
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    Does anyone have the Flex-Shaft & Dust Extractor sold by Lee Valley?

    I only found one review of the Flex-Shaft & Dust Extractor which said little about the quality and durability of the item. If you have one, please share your experience with it.
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    Are Bosch Colt or Dewalt Compact Routers Worth Buying for Craft Work?

    My first woodworking investment was a scroll saw, followed by a contractor table saw, a bandsaw and a small planer. I have been making trivets, baskets, bowls, ornaments, etc for family and friends. I also have a Dremel with so-called router bits which doesn't have the power to do much with...

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