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    Router Table - $20 (N. Raleigh) GONE

    :cool: Thought I heard you singing in the background there Hank!
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    New Dining Room Table

    Nice job bro:cool:
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    Delta Drill Press - $175 (High Point) GONE

    Push it to the back of the van and shove her out he! he!. Nice piece of machinery there.
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    Woodworking Axioms

    Personally, I never deal with family or relatives about anything. It just seems like it always come back to bite you, one way or the other!
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    Preserving sharp edges

    Hey Jim, Clicked on the link, page can't be found
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    Forest Woodworker ll

    Get be better soon Mike!
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    Has anyone purchased this yet. Even if you haven't, all thoughts and comments are encouraged.
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    DIY Solar Install?

    I know nothing about solar, but my life time experiences tell me that you can't trust anyone. So, I'll just stick to my heat pump and hope the power company isn't screwing me. Just my 2 cents.
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    Pattern material to use

    Hey y'all, I am about to make a one off build and need some advise as type of material to use for pattern making. Also, when using a bit to follow the patterns, would a single or double bearing bit be best to use? Please state reasons, pro and cons or comments for each. Hope that I have...
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    SOLD - Set of Six—Stanley Sweetheart Chisels

    Must be my ad didn't make it in time. Nice catch and buy there Mike.
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    Wanted:Socket wood chisel set for bench work

    Looking for a set of chisels. I am a relative new comer and not sure if site will permit P.M's yet Thanks and have a safe and Happy New Year!!!:cool::cool:
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    Beadlock Pro

    Hey y'all, Hope that Santa was good to y"all. I'm just a wannabe woodworker who has a learning disability and limited critical thinking skills. Anyway, I was thinking of trying some mortise and tenon work on a side table. I've never even attempted to make a M&T joint, but I have researched the...
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    Revised the DeWalt Saw- before / after

    Hot damn!!!! Nice job bro!!!
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    Table top leg placement

    Henry, Yes that is correct.
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    Table top leg placement

    Jeff the 22 and 5/8 ths inch figure that I gave you, is the length of of the line through center that touches the outside edges of my circle. Soo very sorry about all the confusion. What seems easy to most, is very confusing to me.
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    Table top leg placement

    Jeff, I sincerely apologize for taking so long to answer. I have a learning disability and therefore, not very bright in many things, let alone in math. Probably equal to a 40 watt light bulb. Anyway, when I measure the outside radius of the circle it measures 22 5/8 inches. Does this help you?
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    SOLD Blow-out hand tool garage sale - Nov.7

    Thanks for the reply. Tools are beautiful and well kept. I live in Lexington and the drive would be excessive. Good luck on your sale and I'll keep looking. Thanks.
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    Worksharp 3000

    I've been debating for some time whether to purchase this or not. How many of you own this machine? Do you like it? All thoughts, pros and cons appreciated. Thanks.

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