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    Has anyone purchased this yet. Even if you haven't, all thoughts and comments are encouraged.
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    Pattern material to use

    Hey y'all, I am about to make a one off build and need some advise as type of material to use for pattern making. Also, when using a bit to follow the patterns, would a single or double bearing bit be best to use? Please state reasons, pro and cons or comments for each. Hope that I have...
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    Wanted:Socket wood chisel set for bench work

    Looking for a set of chisels. I am a relative new comer and not sure if site will permit P.M's yet Thanks and have a safe and Happy New Year!!!:cool::cool:
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    Beadlock Pro

    Hey y'all, Hope that Santa was good to y"all. I'm just a wannabe woodworker who has a learning disability and limited critical thinking skills. Anyway, I was thinking of trying some mortise and tenon work on a side table. I've never even attempted to make a M&T joint, but I have researched the...
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    Worksharp 3000

    I've been debating for some time whether to purchase this or not. How many of you own this machine? Do you like it? All thoughts, pros and cons appreciated. Thanks.
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    Table top leg placement

    Good morning all. I have a 22 inch round piece of scrap plywood. I also have some 23 inch long pieces of soft maple. I want to make a bed side table from these pieces. Would it be suitable to use the soft maple with plywood.....thoughts. If so, what would be the dimensions from center for the...
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    Good morning y'all. I am fairly new to wood working. I purchased a new 6" bench top jointer not to long ago and wanting to know. Does the outfeed table rise or lower in conjunction to the blade height? I haven't been able to find an answer in the manual, or in a youtube video. All suggestions...
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    Bandsaw lubricant

    Relatively new bandsaw user here. I've been researching on using bandsaw lubricant and have encountered some conflicting opinions on whether to use it or not. If you do use it, what type do you use, why and how best to apply it. Same for the reasons of not using it. All links, comments, and...
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    Chicken coup plans

    Hey y'all, Don't fall off your lounge chair laughing. But the wife has a wild idea about raising chickens. Sooo, with that said, can anyone direct me where to get plans for a chicken coup. I'm not the intuitive type and have a learning disability. Therefore, I need plans for a chicken coup with...
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    Private messages

    When will I have privileges to PM members?
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    Joiner or Domino

    Good morning y'all. I need one more tool guys. First of all, at present I'm not into building fancy or large furniture. In the future, I may get into that segment as my skills progress. However, I'm a 75 year old "wannabe" so I don't have forever to accomplish the trade. Anyways, I've given some...
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    New from Lexington

    Hi y'all, let me begin by saying that we moved here from the Northeast about 3 yrs ago. Our family had moved to Thomasville from the same area of the country as we about 3 years prior. Because we only had the opportunity to see them a couple times a year and my wife and I had recently retired...
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    New member help

    New member here. Where to introduce myself and how to send and receive P.M's?

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