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    Lumber Run

    Sounds good Tom. See you there. Jack
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    Lumber Run

    Ok Steve. I will bring some of each. The Jatoba is all sold out Jack
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    Lumber Run

    The Harbor Freight on Capital Saturday the 30th from 6:00-10:00 Phil your order is pulled and ready. There is no more Jatoba Also, you can text your order to me at 919-669-1859
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    Lumber Run

    The Harbor Freight on Capital Saturday the 30th from 6:00-10:00. Phil your order is pulled and ready. There is no more Jatoba. Your can text your order to me at 919-669-1859
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    Lumber Run

    I was seeing if there is any interest in a lumber run the last Saturday of the month in the parking lot of Harbor Freight. Sapele, sipo, mahogany, bloodwood, jatoba, osage, cedar, maple All thicknesses and random width Sapele, mahogany, jatoba 4.00 all thicknesses bloodwood 6.00 4-4 only...
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    Exotic Hardwoods

    My new location is in Bunn off 98 hwy. The lumber comes in the rough and random width and length. I have all different thicknesses.
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    Exotic Hardwoods

    I have sapele, mahogany, sipo, Brazilian cherry for 3.95. Bloodwood, rosewood, and 12/4 mahogany for 6.00 b/f. Text me if you are interested in any 919-669-1859.
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    Want Some Persimmon Wood

    Hey Mike, I have plenty of persimmon!! I usually saw about 30000 ft a year. I can saw a few sticks for you any time. Jack
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    Lumber Sale

    Just want to remind everyone about the lumber sale on Saturday from 7:00 to 12:00 Jack
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    Lumber Sale

    It looks like a bad weekend with the picnic. Lets do it the following weekend same time!!!!! Saturday the 21st, will that work? Jack
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    Lumber Sale

    I want to throw this out there. I have a shelter full of lumber that I need to move so that I can set my LT 50 for higher production. Everything is half off and the more you get the cheaper it is. I have pine, cypress, juniper, cedar, ash, hackberry, maple, red and white oak, sassafras...
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    juniper or white cedar

    I have juniper, 2.50 b/f. I am in Rolesville.
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    White Cedar

    I have plenty of Juniper, PM me if you are interested.
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    Portable Mill

    jlwest, I sent you a PM about running the sawmill for your friend.
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    Red cedar

    I have plenty of cedar 1.75 bf
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    Dave, My dad played basketball and baseball for Wake Forest 54-57 and remembers walking by those trees. The rumor is they were planted when the college opened. I only kit 1 small nail making the last cut. I have one more left that is over 50" wide with a crotch. That is going to make some...
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    I sawed some wide magnolia slabs this past Tuesday. The logs came off the Seminary in Wake Forest. I hope the picture came up.
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    Good Place to Buy 2x12 CYPRESS

    Re: Good Place to Buy 2x12 Cedar I have plenty of ERC that I can get 12" wide boards and plenty of Juniper that I can get 12" wide for you. I do not have any cypress at this time. Jack
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    Looking for Dry 4/4 Ash in Wilmington Area

    I wish you could take 8 footers, I have about 3000 b/f of ash Jack
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    Looking for rough sauna lumber juniper-cedar - cypress near Raleigh

    I have plenty of cypress 1.35 b/f and red cedar 1.75 b/f, I am in Rolesville. Jack

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