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    Morris chair = WIP failed

    A few weeks ago, my recliner started acting up on me. The foot rest started hanging up. I decided to build myself a new chair. Since most of my furniture is Mission/arts-and-craft style, I decided to build a Morris chair with curved arms. I have always wanted to bend and laminate wood for a...
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    birthday postings??

    Have the birthday postings been working since the last upgrade. Today is my birthday and it is not posted on the birthday list. It's not a big deal, but I just wondered! Everything looks OK on my profile, complete with my birth date and current age (shouldn't have said that).
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    Hand plane question

    I have read a lot on the site about people buying and restoring old hand planes. Seems like the old Stanley planes are the standard. I have been looking on e-bay and found lots of supposedly “old” or “vintage” and yes, “antique”planes. Now, I do not trust e-bay. I remember when you could...
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    First dovetail problems

    Finally built up enough nerve to attempt dovetailing some drawers for a project for LOML. I'm using a PC router with D handle and a 14 degree dovetail bit on a Rockler dovetail jig. Spacing and depth are great. My problem is that the dovetails are too tight. I have to hit them really hard...
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    2012 Calendars

    Anyone know the web address where I can order a new calendar?
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    miter saw settings for crown moulding??

    I am attempting to wrap the top of a 12' x 1' bookcase in crown moulding. Since I only have a limited amount of crown, I can't do a lot of experimenting. :BangHead::BangHead: Can someone tell me what miter saw settings to use for the corners and to join two pieces on the front? Thanks!
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    Entertainment cabinet

    Just before last Christmas my very old 35" cabinet style TV started to die on me. Color and sound were fading in and out. I had an entertainment center with the center open to surround the cabinet of TV. I decided to build a cabinet to go in center for a flat screen to sit on. I'm off to find a...
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    stain sprayer

    I have just been comissioned to build a custom bookcase for my church. It is to be 6' high and around 14' long. I'm thinking thats a lot of sand with a brush or wiping on. HVLP systems are expensive for just one project (I know, I can use it over, but I've never needed one for my small...
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    relief carving patterns?

    I went to a local carvers meeting Thursday and saw some great work. Enough that I caught the bug. (Like I don't have anything left to learn about furniture building or turning.) I bought a set of knives and found some Basswood. Came home and googled free...
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    roof vents

    I was talking to some men last night and I mentioned that I was thinking about installing thermistat controlled electric vent fan on my roof. One of them said I shouldn't do it if I have ridge vents, which I do. I had never heard this and would like to know what you think! According to him...
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    trim shaping problem

    I am trying to figure out how to match some trim for a piece I'm working on. I need 25' of OAK 3/4 X 1 1/2 with a 3/4" bull nose type curve on each side. I could just use a bull nose router bit, but it would leave a flat spot between curves. I could also cut a bull nose on each piece, rip it to...
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    need plans for Amish bent rocker

    I just got home from the Lancaster, Pa. area where I saw a rocker I would love to try and build. It was in a small Amish shop that I went in. It is called a bent rocker, I presume because of the steam bending on parts of the frame. Has anyone ever tried this type of chair or know of where I...
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    Morbid Question

    Has anyone ever turned an urn? My neighbor across the cul-de-sac has throat cancer which has spread through out his body. Yesterday his wife told me he has about three weeks to live. He used to hang out with me when I was turning pens, and I actually helped him to turn a couple. He is going...
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    woodworking tools on Wilmington Craig's list

    This was posted yesterday on Wilmington Craig's list. Not mine (I wish). I guess the $1 on the post was to get everyone's attention.
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    Norfolk Pine bowls

    Here are a couple of Norfolk Pine bowls I got from Kalai. Bowls were soaked in Poly for a few hrs., let dry, then buffed.
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    landscaping question

    I want to plant a row of shrubs along the back of my lot. I want to maintain them at 6 to 8 feet high and bushy from top to bottom. My problem is that where I want to plant them gets fairly wet. Water is slow to soak in after a rain and takes forever to completely dry. We call it muck soil...
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    knife makers question

    A neighbor just asked me if I could replace a wooden handle on his favorite kitchen knife. The halves were rivited in. It looks like the rivet may have broken (he only brought the blade). Is there any certain type rivet I should use? Where do you find knife kits? :help:
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    pendant blank glueing ?

    I have been using some scraps to make pendants. Blanks are approx. 2" square and 1/4" thick. I taped two blanks together, cut out a half moon shape with the scroll saw, took the blanks apart and glued up the contrasting woods with ultra thick CA glue. I mounted the first blank on lathe, taped...
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    Majestic day

    Actually a Majestic Jr. day. Finished three Majestic Jr. pens. First two are the same kit with different finishes, one black and the othr gold. The blanks are both Maple burl, but dyed different colors. All three pens are finished with CA. Classic exampes of "same thing, just different"...
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    Breast cancer pen

    Four days after surgery on my thumb, my SIL had a double masectomy. She told the family that I cut my thumb intentionally just to steal her attention (great sense of humor throughout her ordeal). After that, I figured I should do something special for her. Here is my feeble attempt. BTW...

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