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    Lumber Run

    I was seeing if there is any interest in a lumber run the last Saturday of the month in the parking lot of Harbor Freight. Sapele, sipo, mahogany, bloodwood, jatoba, osage, cedar, maple All thicknesses and random width Sapele, mahogany, jatoba 4.00 all thicknesses bloodwood 6.00 4-4 only...
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    Exotic Hardwoods

    I have sapele, mahogany, sipo, Brazilian cherry for 3.95. Bloodwood, rosewood, and 12/4 mahogany for 6.00 b/f. Text me if you are interested in any 919-669-1859.
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    Lumber Sale

    I want to throw this out there. I have a shelter full of lumber that I need to move so that I can set my LT 50 for higher production. Everything is half off and the more you get the cheaper it is. I have pine, cypress, juniper, cedar, ash, hackberry, maple, red and white oak, sassafras...
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    I sawed some wide magnolia slabs this past Tuesday. The logs came off the Seminary in Wake Forest. I hope the picture came up.
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    Look what came in Friday

    I got this load of cedar on Friday, this is the best cedar I have seen around here. Some of the logs are 20" on the small end 16' long. These logs are going to make some nice boards. Jack View image in gallery
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    I just got a load of juniper logs in at the sawmill, I was just wondering if anyone was interested, if so send me a PM Jack
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    Holly shorts

    I do not know if holly turns well, but I have some cut off pieces of the log. If anyone wants any just call 5.00 per piece Jack 919-669-1859
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    Holly and Cherry

    I got a load of holly in the other day, if anyone wants any kiln dried it is 6.00 b/f, also a load of cherry at 2.85 b/f for 4/4 and 3.05 for 5/4,6/4,8/4. Pm me if you are interested or call 919-669-1859. Jack
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    I just got a load of lumber back from the kiln, if anyone is interested: Ash 600 b/f 4/4 5/4 select 2.25 Poplar 1000 b/f 4/4 1c 1.30 select is 1.65 Maple 1300 b/f ambrosia 4/4 5/4 8/4 2.20 Hickory 500 4/4 select 2.50 and I have some lower grade Holly 4/4 4.00 b/f Cypress 100 b/f 4/4 select...
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    Juniper lumber

    I have about 125 bf of juniper, was wondering if anyone was interested Jack
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    Ambrosia walnut

    Sawed some ambrosia walnut today and more to come tomorrow, just wondering if anyone is interested. Also have about 3000 b/f of walnut in the log to cut to order. The price on the ambrosia is 2.00 b/f. Jack
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    Ambrosia poplar

    Sawed some poplar that had some ambrosia in it, just wondering if anyone is interested in some. Jack
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    Bowl blanks and pen blanks

    I have some bowl blanks and slabs of the end for pen blanks. I will be sawing more of the maple tomorrow, and I will saw what blanks that I can. PM me if you are interested in some. Thanks Jack
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    Ambrosia Maple

    Just got 20 tons of ambrosia maple logs, is anyone interested. It will be green off the sawmill. Thanks Jack
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    Snapping saw blades

    I have had 4 blades snap on me while I was sawing the log. Most of the time it has been about mid-way through. My tension is set on 2700 psi what Wood-Mizer says. After changing the blade as it dulls, the one resharpen blade will last maybe 2 to 3 logs and snap. Any in-put
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    Persimmon logs

    I sawed some persimmon logs today, What is the best way to saw them for future information, is the lumber usable if so what for? The wood was very dense like hickory. Any input
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    Hello all members

    Hello members, My name is Jack and I am a carpenter in Raleigh and I run a portable sawmill service semi-partime. I look forward to talking to the members about lumber and sawing

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