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  1. JohnW

    Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)

    Thanks for the offer Matt but the two thresholds I'm making are wider than your 26.75 long board.
  2. JohnW

    Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)

    Anyone know of a source near Charlotte for Jatoba? West Penn, Steve Wall and Hardwood Store typically have it but I only need a few small pieces to make transitional thresholds between tile and wood floors and don't want to drive that far for a few BF.
  3. JohnW

    Help-Interior door replacement

    Replacing 18 interior doors with new slabs. Spacing on all existing jamb hinge mortices are not consistent so looking for info/advice on an adjustable mortice jig that I could hold up next to existing jamb and adjust for each mortice position. Anyone have experience with something like this...
  4. JohnW

    Wood identification please

    In California it's somewhat popular to char (burn) redwood to give it an aged look. They use it as shiplap and siding. Some aged spruce/redwoods can look similar to your pic and they are soft. But the char is typically on the outside layer. Can't tell from your pic but it appears like the...
  5. JohnW

    Opinion Request on planner

    Anyone have good/bad experience with DeWalt DW735 planner? And anyone put a helical cutter head on the DW735? I've seen good reports on here for years but am wondering if it's the same quality since DeWalt is now Stanley Black & Decker owned. Grizzly has the DW735 with helical cutter head kit...
  6. JohnW

    Suggestions for finishing salted maple

    Wow Matt, that's some good looking banding. I've has success sealing spalted maple using 2 lb cut of shellac.
  7. JohnW

    Seeking ideas for table saw out feed table

    My outfeed table is on casters and has a 2.5" overhang for clamping and includes space underneath to store shorts. So it functions for storage, outfeed and assembly. I find it very useful to be able to roll it to the middle of shop so I have access from all 4 sides. Makes glue-ups and...
  8. JohnW

    Little Box

    Curly Zebra Wood looks amazing. Well done Dan.
  9. JohnW

    More Changes to Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Hours - Sort of!

    I was at your Charlotte store... Dang Coleman, come back. We really want you back. ;) I'll be in Cary soon and will visit.
  10. JohnW

    Mother's day frame - cherry and paper cord

    That's awesome Bradley. I really like the concept and execution. Thanks for sharing.
  11. JohnW

    Cherry Headboard

    Thanks Jeremy. My wife thinks I occasionally take too long on a project. Well, now I can show her how long it took you and try to explain that it is normal. BTW, Headboard looks great.
  12. JohnW

    Flatbed trailer boards need replaced

    I'd stick with white oak. Pine not strong enough to take trailer abuse but that also depends on what you're hauling and how hard you use the trailer.
  13. JohnW

    New bandsaw - hurry up and wait.

    Congrats on the new BS. You're going to love it.
  14. JohnW

    Drum sanders, Jet, performax et al....

    Several folks have already mentioned this but I'll highlight it because I've had similar results as you and this really helped. Speed up the feed rate. This advice seemed counterintuitive to me at first but on high sugar content woods like maple and cherry, it helped reduce burning and gum...
  15. JohnW

    Black Walnut Floating Top End Table

    Love the design and build pictures Jeremy. Like how you arranged the grain patterns. I've had the same issues with epoxy fills. Depending on brand and formulation, epoxy requires special prep before finishing. Consult the manufacturer and see what they recommend. It typically includes...
  16. JohnW

    Quarantine Rocker Finished!

    Good Grief Steve, that is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the three species after the finish goes on. Should be spectacular.
  17. JohnW

    Portable Dust Collector for sale

    Monroe is a suburb of Charlotte.;)
  18. JohnW

    Portable Dust Collector for sale

    Hey Big Ron and Matt. I go to Washington/Beaufort area frequently to visit friends and family. Was planning a trip next week but that's off until the virus situation calms down. But if you decide to buy it from Matt, I can pony express it your way next time I go. I live fairly close to Matt.
  19. JohnW

    Band Saw - Minimax S45 - 18" Bandsaw - $600 (Charlotte, NoDa)

    Minimax is a darn good saw BUT the S45 came with an awesome fence and rail system that is not shown in the picture. He may have removed it but when inquiring, ask if he has the fence and rails. I he has them, this is a good deal. Wish I needed a bandsaw...
  20. JohnW


    Thank you Bruce for the shout out to Ethan. I miss his well researched and thought out posts. Also commend him for his honesty and strength in sharing a bit of his story with us, his fellow wood workers. Ethan's advice has helped me numerous times. I'm grateful for his input and my hope is...

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